Prysmian Open Day: we make great things together

More than 1.000 people at the “Insieme” event organized in Prysmian’s new HQ in Milan. A special day to discover Prysmian having fun together.

“Our workplace is where we spent most of our daily time. It is a beautiful and bright place, modern and sustainable thanks to the solar panels and the paper-free approach undertaken. It is also a cozy area, that has opened its gates to the families of our colleagues and shows what we really are”


Valeriano Amari

Prysmian Group Human Resources Planning and Corporate


Prysmian Group’s Open day, held in Milan two months ago, was a great occasion to gather together more than a thousand people – Prysmian employees and their families no matter the role and the occupation inside the company – and to spend a day exploring the venue and discovering what a smart-working workplace is made of.

Our new Headquarters is a space that connects smart architectural structure and the most cutting-edge working methods, but is made for the people: the Open Day was the occasion to prove it by inviting our employees’ loved ones to live their own experience of our new home.  Underlining our approach, that makes sustainability, innovation and digital transformation its hallmarks.

The day was sprinkled by activities conceived for any age and interest, that also served to show the versatility of the new HQ: our younger guests had the opportunity to engage in a paint lab in the recreational area or to test themselves in the sport corner, while the adults participated to the many other proposals of this special day in Prysmian.



Around 500 people took a visit to the R&D laboratories. Part of an extensive web of 23 centres of excellence in Europe, the United States, South America and China, the laboratories showed to the visitors the place where the solutions for the future of connectivity are conceived and realized, marking new milestones in terms of innovation and advanced technological products, that make the life of people across the world more worth living and satisfying.

At least as many people filled the auditorium to listen to a narration of the history of the company. Thanks to a brilliant Virtual Reality display, many were able to experience the laying of cables on the bottom of the ocean, as conducted by the Group’s cable-laying vessel, the Giulio Verne. Did you know that it conducted the deepest power cable lay at 1,600 meters water depth? And this was just one of the many information about our state-of-the-art vessel presented to our guests.




During the day, some panels and meetings organized in various halls of the HQ addressed important themes for the Group and everyday life as well, such as the future of energy in the world and the rules for a correct alimentation.

The event was a special occasion for the families of Prysmian’s people, and for our colleagues as well:

“It was a beautiful day and a special way to show our families
the spaces where we spend a large part of our life”


Pier Francesco Facchini

Prysmian Group’s CFO

Other employees underlined that the day was an occasion “to be gloat of our company” or “to show our happiness in working in such beautiful and human-centered spaces”.

Comments echoed by Anna Stien, member of the Purchasing Department in our Headquarter: “The Open Day was my day too. I am proud to work for this Group, because we have been able to show once more that we can do great things, if we work together”.

The Open Day was thus the occasion to show our responsibility, our approachability and the importance we give to human values: three pillars of Prysmian’s daily commitment towards our customers, our stakeholders, and all the people we address with our work.


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