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Prysmian Group CEO welcomes 50 young hired

Prysmian Group CEO welcomes 50 young hired

Valerio Battista meets new graduates during the “Build The Future” induction.


Prysmian Group’s successful track in the cable manufacturing industry during the last years is not only the result of strong technologies and state-of-the-art products, but is daily driven by the outstanding performances of its employees. That is the reason why Prysmian is always looking for young and talented professionals to be prepared for global achievements and future challenges.

During this period, graduates have the chance to take a closer look to Prysmian’s products and technology, to discover how the operation and customer relationship teams work together, and start to live the manufacturing experience hands on the factories. A veritable training-on-the-job pattern to allow young Prysmian employees to fulfill their potential. They also have the opportunity to meet the Group CEO, as they actually did last march.




Build the future is the Prysmian Group program dedicated to young graduates, that allows them to join the global leaders in manufacture through an international and professional career path. After the recruitment process, the program starts with a 2 weeks’ induction in the HQ in Milan and continues with an additional week in a local plant.

An opportunity that Ingeborg Jorgensen, material scientist in the R&D department in Schwerin, Germany, values as one of the major arguments that convinced her about a career in Prysmian: “I believe that for a young talent, “learning by doing” is the best way to fully understand the company, the products and the industry. In my experience, Prysmian offers this opportunity also through the graduate scheme. During the first year we receive a lot of general training which help us understand the Group as a whole. At the same time, we have tasks in our local plants involving ongoing problems and the practicalities around solving them.”

Prysmian is always looking for young and talented professionals to be prepared for the global achievements in the future.

As Valerio Battista, CEO of Prysmian Group, told the latest participants to the program, “You are talents, selected globally after a hard recruitment process. We expect great contributions and inputs from you in the coming years. But we, as managers, have from our side a big responsibility during your training journey. As Prysmian Group, we are committed to showing you the opportunities in terms of challenging projects and career perspectives.”

Build the Future program allows the graduates to approach to business, allow them to work in a different number of roles: they experience 6 month of job rotation in regional R&D function, working with Prysmian technology team, 3 months in Operations and 3 in Customers Relations team in their region, while working on a personal project to help them learning more about the roles they’re best suited for.

The speech of the Group’s CEO explain very well why this induction period is important: “I would like to work with young people who love this company as I do. So, here are some tips I would like to share with you, based on my experience, know-how and memories of when I was a young employee some years ago. First, be open-minded – it’s the best way to learn from our experienced managers, who make this company great day after day. And be a good and humble listener.” Since, as Battista points out, “no one knows our processes, machines and cables better than our blue and white collars, who every day work in our plants around the world. Listen to them and learn from them: they hold a big part of our know-how”.

Act like a CEO. That means being responsible of any action you take. There will be mistakes, but you can make the difference on how you react”.


Valerio Battista

Prysmian Group CEO


After having spent a year getting to know the business on a local level, and to learn from their senior colleagues, the participants will expand their experience overseas, embarking into a 2 years’ international placement in either Sales, Operations, R&D or Staff functions.

This period is followed by a new training session that involves senior managers, who participate with graduates to different business games. Thanks to the partnership between Prysmian Group and SDA Bocconi – School of Management, the talents have also the opportunity to attend a course on Management skills fundamentals.

At Prysmian, people are key. The speech given by the CEO last March dealt with this very subject: “Act like a CEO. That means being responsible of any action you take. There will be mistakes, but you can make the difference on how you react. As a CEO, I think always for the best of the company, of the people who work in it, and of our stakeholders, who have invested in our Group and trust it. I expect you will act in the same when you take your decisions, feeling the same responsibility.”

An inspiring program, a veritable training-of-the-job opportunity, a chance to build your own future inside a global leading company. If you’ve got the passion and you are committed to help Prysmian to shape the cable industry of tomorrow, why not apply for the next edition of our Build the Future Program?