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Group Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Our Diversity & Inclusion journey

"In 2016 we started our Diversity & Inclusion journey with the launch of Side by Side, a program that would engage the entire organization and lead to local committees dedicated to creating a more inclusive and equitable working environment. Now, DE&I is part of our Social Ambition 2030 and a strategic pillar of our Company culture."

Fabrizio Rutschmann
Chief HR Officer Prysmian Group.

“We strongly believe that leveraging on diversities means creating more value and we are constantly building  a work environment where all our employees can feel understood, respected and included just as they are.”
Fabrizio Rutschmann
Chief HR Officer
Prysmian Group

DE&I Manifesto

Developing an inclusive work environment in which everyone’s uniqueness is valued and respected. Our innovative power is fueled and maintained by all the diversities across the Group.

Affirming their personal and professional commitments by empowering a work-life balance and supporting them to generate and acquire knowledge, integrating and transferring know-how as a strategic asset for the future and as a sustainable investment.

We want to enable a global DE&I movement, forging strong partnerships within local communities to contribute to collective sustainable growth and development.

For all. We strive to increase the group’s digital maturity by broadening access to digital technologies and enabling anyone to confidently face future challenges.

Our ambition is to eliminate any form of discrimination based on people’s characteristics, roles or job positions, ensuring equity is the guiding principle for our systems and processes - both formal and informal.

Focus on our Gender Balance Targets by 2023

UPDATE AT 31.12.2022
Status Women in the Total workforce White collar women hired Women in junior management positions Women in middle management positions Women in all executive positions Women in top management positions Women in all management positions Women in management positions in revenue-generating functions Women in STEM positions

Prysmian Group launches its new Parental Policy

Global Parental Policy

Prysmian Group is strongly committed to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and aims at creating tools and conditions that allow all the employees to better manage their unique life and work.

In accordance with this approach, Prysmian Group also recognizes the high value of parenthood for the personal and professional development of its people. This Group Parental Policy represents a concrete action at a global level to help parents have a healthy start with their new child, promote their wellbeing, and ensure to mother / primary caregivers a smooth and successful transition back to work.  

This Policy relies on four main principles:  

  1. Compliance with local legislation and alignment with the local agreements with employees and work councils; 
  2. Protection against discriminatory and inappropriate behaviors towards new mothers / primary caregivers;
  3. An equitable and inclusive working environment;
  4. Treatment of parents across the Group with fairness and caring.

Download the Global Parental Policy


The global policy serves as a baseline that Regions can expand or adapt according to the local legislation and agreements with work councils. 



To further support the back-to-work transition, Prysmian Group has lactation rooms in locations in China, Romania, and the United States. A lactation room is currently under construction in the Group HQ in Milan. 

In certain locations assistance is provided to families such as our Employee Assistance Program in USA that connects employees with back-up care providers, or in Italy where we offer two programs – Family+Happy and Missione Genitori – that are designed to assist in coverage for children, ageing parents, or pets. The Group’s Baby Bonus is also designed to mitigate potential costs of childcare.

Global Diversity Recruitment Policy

The principal objective of Prysmian Group’s Diversity Recruitment Policy is to strengthen the recruitment process through the adoption of a standardized methodology that will promote the highest standards for our hiring activity. Our Diversity Recruitment Policy will also enable us to select the best talent on the market, by promoting the diversity and inclusion at all level of our organization.
1.To reinforce the recruiting process by providing a standardized methodology, that will ensure equal opportunities in every step of selection.
2.To establish specific guidelines for recruitment. Each recruiting action can create a more diverse organization.
3.To ensure that our marketing and advertising materials, job postings, website and annual report adhere to our Diversity & Inclusion Policy principles and relevant employment legislation.
4.To improve internal and external branding to attract and retain talent, diversify our employee population and expand our talent pool.

Global Anti-Harassment Policy

Prysmian Group is committed to the development of an organization that prioritizes talent, abilities, diverse experiences, different cultural backgrounds, and, in general all forms of diversity: ethnic, race gender, language, age, sexual orientation, marital status, nationality, religion, political orientation, socio-economic status, physical and mental ability, experience, education and professional background.

In promoting such a diversified environment, Prysmian wants people to feel respected, appreciated and free to fully express their human potential, which means qualifying diversity and inclusion as one of the main pillars of the company culture. Accordingly, Prysmian has also adopted a Human Rights policy which supports internationally recognized human rights standards and regulates violations of those standards.

The Company is committed to support the adoption of the anti-harassment principles along its value chain and within the communities in which it is present.

Anti-Harassment training is required annually for all workers and available through our Workday platform in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic, Italian, German, and Chinese, or provided in-person in local language.

Download the Anti-Harassment Policy

"At Prysmian, we are against any form of discrimination and harassment and we believe that this is the way to create a more and more inclusive work environment. For this reason, we are launching our Global Anti-Harassment Policy, a tool that provides our people with a guideline on how to behave and ask support in case of vilification, bullying, intimidation and any other kind of harassment, either sexual or based on personal, cultural and political diversity."
Fabrizio Rutschmann
Chief HR Officer
Prysmian Group

DE&I Trainings and Workshops

For our global population, DE&I topics are covered via always-accessible online training in Workday on topics such as unconscious bias, inclusive leadership, practicing DE&I in the workplace, and inspiring lead-hers.

Annually, we also hold global live workshops with external speakers and internal top managers to celebrate International Women’s Day, International Men’s Day, and World Day for Cultural Diversity. These global workshops are often followed by local ones that dive deeper into the topics, given their local context.

Employee Resource Groups

We are proud to launch in 2023 our first two Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that are entirely employee-driven: STEM Women @Prysmian and Disability @Prysmian

The aim of these ERGs is to map, identify and propose ways to create more inclusive working environments, in the factories and offices, support new or current employees by acting as a reference point, increase awareness, and internal networking.

Our Global Diversity Workstream

The DE&I Steering Committee, together with the Global Core Team and Local Partner Network, have the following main accountabilities:

  1. Promote Diversity within the Group through benchmarking, best practice sharing, and specific communication campaigns;

  2. Propose diversity objectives and definition of HR policies to achieve them;

  3. Support HR and Organization in the design of specific training and development initiatives to support diversity within the Group;

  4. Monitor and discuss the progress to improve gender diversity within the Group;

  5. Promote a cultural change to facilitate diversity enhancement across the Group.

Prysmian Group is a proud active member of international and national organizations, associations, and professional networks promoting DE&I.



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