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Empowering customers to meet their energy and communications goals

To us, innovation means meeting the needs of our customers and communities

by understanding their business drivers as quickly as they do.

Our team of over 900 Research & Development professionals looks around the corner

each day to see what’s coming next in each of our markets.

Our ability to innovate is what makes us a market leader, with a track record of delivering products that are faster,

smarter and more sustainable than before.

In other words, products that are simply better.


Sustainability embedded in Innovation

Innovating in support of Energy Transition, Digitalization and Sustainability is our strategic priority. In order to intensify exchange and discussion with the entire value chain, we have invested in the creation of an ecosystem and a multi-stakeholder partnership.

Focus on sustainability is key, therefore we aim to improve our footprint in terms of energy efficiency and waste management; to improve the working environment for our associates through investments in health, safety and wellbeing, innovating our spaces; to foster energy transition and digitalization.


Our innovation pillars

Innovation is, and always will be, the cornerstone of our business

Our established expertise and vast research efforts have allowed us to deliver not only key technologies and superior performance to our customers, but also to continue to shape the future of the industry itself. We are able to enhance projects today by proposing new solutions that improve upon previously available technology and drive performance for tomorrow.

Our most recent projects

The ECO CABLE label is the first proprietary green product label in the cable industry, launched by Prysmian Group in order both to support customers integrate their green supply chain and value proposition, and strengthen the Group’s sustainability strategy and active role as a promoter of a sustainable development as well as at accelerate the Group’s race to net-zero CO2 emissions. The ECO CABLE label is assigned based on an automatic calculation system using recognized and measurable criteria derived from the EU Ecolabel Regulation no 66/2010 and in line with the main regulatory frameworks and requirements, with a very specific focus on cable products: Carbon Footprint, Absence of Substances of Very High Concern, Recyclability/Circularity, Recycling input rate, Environmental benefits and Cable transmission efficiency. It can also be easily cross-referenced and paired with additional certified sustainability protocols like the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) and the EU Ecolabel (the environmental excellence label for products and services meeting high environmental standards throughout their life cycle).

Flexible above the ordinary. Cold resistant to installation temperatures down to -40 °C. Impervious to impact. No matter where and under what conditions, Prysmian Group’s AC and DC PRYCHARGE EV cables are designed to supply power to all electric and hybrid vehicles on the market and are compatible with all commercial and residential charging applications. The use of the highest quality rubber and of an EVI-2 cross-linked control core concept, provide a full range of performance characteristics, including long-term durability in the harshest environments and the most heavily used applications.

In 2021 Prysmian Group extended extended its SiroccoEXTREME range of microduct cables to include its latest 576f cable. SiroccoEXTREME cables provide world record diameters and fibre densities for blown microduct cables. The new cable boasts 576 fibres in a diameter of 8.2 mm, providing a fibre density of 10.9 fibres per mm2, and can be installed into a 10 mm duct. SiroccoEXTREME microduct cables utilise Prysmian’s BendBrightXS 180µm single-mode (ITU-T G.652.D, G.657.A2) bend insensitive fibre fully compatible for splicing with any standard fibre, offering a truly future-proof solution that is prepared for evolved systems.

To simplify the deployment of access points and edge devices, Prysmian Group has recently developed an extremely compact and bendable optical fibre and copper cable, SiroccoHYBRID optical and power cables for blown applications and fast installation in microducts. By benefitting from existing infrastructure and low installation costs without the need for digging, SiroccoHYBRID features six copper cores with a cross section area of 1 mm2, and up to 36 BendBright XS (ITU-T G.657.A2) optical fibres. SiroccoHYBRID microduct cables and novel power transmission methods allow network operators to safely power remote radios from a central location and open up new opportunities beyond 4G/5G densification and edge devices, covering CCTV cameras, DAS, Wi-Fi networks and sensing in metropolitan outdoor and indoor environments.

Recently Prysmian Group has met significant technological challenges, far exceeding what has been achieved so far in similar international projects. These are mainly the length and the maximum installation depth that have been faced with the development of an innovative cable solution with a synthetic armour together with all the necessary improvements on accessories and installation methodologies for a safe and reliable deployment of the link.

The Crete-Peloponnese link has been installed successfully in 2020 and represents most powerful 3 core design cable transporting 200 MW, installed at the maximum depth of 1000 m.

In addition in November 2021, Prysmian Group was awarded the Mediterranean Thyrrenian Link Electricity Corridor, a 1,500 km cable system to support the power exchange among Sardinia, Sicily and Campania consisting of 500 kV HVDC links. The innovative aramidic armouring recently developed by Prysmian Group and the new vessel Leonardo da Vinci will enable the installation and maintenance of the Tyrrhenian Link at a water depth of 2,000 metres, the deepest ever reached with a power cable.

In the field of the EHV application for DC current, Prysmian Group pursued the development and industrialization program of 525 kV extruded cables systems, after the successful completion of the pre-qualification tests obtained in 2019 for two qualified solutions: XLPE and P-Laser.

In 2020, Prysmian Group was awarded contracts respectively by Tennet, Transnet and Amprion for all three German HVDC cable projects to provide its innovative and eco-friendly cable technologies to transport the clean energy generated by the wind farms off the northern shores of Germany to the highly industrialised southern regions of the country.

In December 2021 Prysmian Group delivered the first 20 km of underground cables for the SuedOst Link.

In August 2021, Prysmian Group took delivery of its new the 170-meter Leonardo da Vinci cable installation ship. The vessel can lay submarine cables at depths of over 3,000 meters by deploying a next-generation submarine cable armoured with lighter materials. Its two carousels of 7,000 and 10,000 tonnes ensure the highest capacity in the market, thereby improving project efficiency. These and other advanced features mean that the Leonardo da Vinci will allow more efficient and sustainable project execution, for the development of smarter and greener power grids worldwide to support the energy transition.

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