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Make It Program. People make great companies and more satisfied customers

Make It Program. People make great companies and more satisfied customers


“Our goal is to offer customers top-notch experience along with the ease and confidence of relying on a partner who can support their needs – 360°.”

Andrea PirondiniPrysmian Group COO, stated the driving principle in simple terms during the most recent induction of Make It, the innovative career development program for young manufacturing engineers at Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cables and systems industry.

He neatly sums up the purpose of this leading global engineering company, but with people at its core: “Working in a factory setting, it is important to remember we are producing for a customer with very specific needs and demands”.

It is not surprising that such a customer-oriented approach also took roots among participants of Make It, since it is one of the main pillars Prysmian’s business strategy. It also provides a launch pad for Make It participants to dive deep into Prysmian Group's culture.

With nearly 140 years of experience, sales of over €7.5 billion in 2016, and 21,000 employees across 50 countries, Prysmian is a company focused on global growth. The Group recently acquired U.S. based General Cable, further expanding its global leadership while expanding its presence and strenghthening its leading market position.


“Human capital is the core of Prysmian’s strategy worldwide, and our career program Make It paves the way forward”


Our focus is on operations, a supply network supported by 82 manufacturing centers spanning 50 countries,” affirmed Pirondini. “Prysmian can leverage on a structured and specialized industrial footprint, where we strive to put people in a condition to express their best, and relentlessly improve efficiency, quality and competitiveness.  With Make It, we want to support our factories even further, with the unique contribution that a selected group of experienced and enthusiast young professionals can deliver.”

This is just one of the many insights into the manufacturing world of Prysmian Group that participants heard during week one those induction. In total, the induction was three weeks  – one week in the Milan HQ and two weeks at the Mudanya (Turkey) centre of manufacturing excellence. New employees received an overview of the market, insights on the Company’s global and local strategies, training on products and operations, case histories of life in a global group and much more.

After Milan, the engineers spent two weeks at the Manufacturing Academy based in Mudanya, Turkey, where they were exposed to a variety of the Company’s products,  technologies and manufacturing processes, in a “hands on” experience.

Make It induction event: one week in Milan (Italy) and two in Mudanya (Turkey), paving the path for engineers from all over the world.

“People are at the core of our approach. How well our customers perform depends on how effective we are in engaging and developing our employees. We should always strive to give people the chance to contribute with their full potential. This creates value for Prysmian and its stakeholders. If there’s an issue, we work together to find the best solution – and then offer support during the implementation. In short, we firmly believe that ‘Good people make great companies’”.


Andrea Pirondini

Prysmian Group COO



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