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Inside Prysmian’s new ‘smart-working’ HQ

Inside Prysmian’s new ‘smart-working’ HQ

We’re supporting a revolution in smart working and sustainability in one building, our new headquarters in Bicocca, Milan.

Just as we have already done in the cable industry, with our new headquarters we are pushing past standards, revolutionising the way people work.


A Platinum LEED building

The building energy efficiency and environmental footprint certification and classification system LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the standard of reference in assessing environmentally friendly buildings. It classifies buildings according to their levels of environmental sustainability, with regard to all aspects of their construction.

Prysmian’s headquarters has been designed to obtain Platinum classification — the highest level of certification. Our offices are not only efficient, but they also allow us to contain costs and approach our work in a more environmentally friendly manner, thereby protecting our planet while also contributing to making our business more sustainable.

An innovative, collaborative approach to working

In addition to using natural resources intelligent lyand being based on an architectural system with low energy consumption to make the working environment more comfortable, our headquarters helps improve work and promotes a sense of community through a network of carefully designed meeting rooms, open spaces and common areas.

All of this has been designed to encourage flexibility and productivity and meet various working needs directly, such as team and remote working, in addition to providing spaces where people can concentrate or engage in informal interpersonal activities.

Less time will be spent at traditional desks. Rather, personalised workstations have been designed to facilitate movement and interaction between co-workers and external stakeholders — a fundamental principle of our project.

Through meeting rooms of various sizes, telephone stations and informal environments equipped with cutting-edge technology, we will have access to spaces better suited to our needs, thus enhancing the productivity, innovation and efficiency of our work.

With this new structure in mind, we have developed Prysmart: a multi-channel communications system aimed at helping people share key information about our offices through social networks and newsletters.

New Headquarter numbers:


square metres


openspace workstations


meeting rooms


in the new Auditorium

“Change goes hand in hand with improvement”


Andrea Pirondini

Chief Operating Officer

HQ Sustainability numbers




electric car recharge stations


waste-sorting centres / 0 bins

We are revolutionising the way people work

As an integral element of our smart-working initiative, we are offering our employees the chance to work outside the office, when necessary, and greater access to flexible hours to further integrate their private and working lives.

We are reducing our environmental footprint

The digital transformation is also helping us eliminate the use of paper in our offices. Our ambitious paperless programme not only encourages us to create new, more efficient ways of working, but also has significant consequences in terms of protecting the environment.

This is not the only system through which we are reducing our energy consumption. In fact, we are using the natural resources available at our headquarters to the utmost. Eighty-five percent of spaces permit the use of natural light, thanks to a lay-out featuring two large air-conditioned conservatories that link the three main wings of the building. Artificial lighting is provided by variable-intensity LED illumination, automatically regulated by sensors based on natural light levels. These same sensors detect the presence of people and shut off lights in empty open spaces and vacant meeting rooms. All of this allows us to achieve an energy savings of more than 80% compared to the use of traditional bulbs and to use artificial lighting only when and where necessary.

Sorting is encouraged at the office to limit waste. We are also looking at the way we commute to the workplace by offering special annual season tickets for public transport services to those who decide to give up their parking space at the facility. This initiative has been well received, confirming that a large number of people prefer more sustainable solutions for commuting than their cars.

The pillars of our Headquarters:

With a view to maintaining a constant link between a smart architectural structure and the most cutting-edge working methods, we will continue to develop and redefine the way we use our space, thus promoting efficient growth and keeping Prysmian at the forefront of innovation.

Our Energy numbers


covered with photovoltaic panels


m of power cables


m of data transmission cables