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eNclusion week - Diversity&Inclusion in its many forms


Lunedì 17

  • DISCUSSION PANEL: organized by Prysmian Head Quarters - There are many possibilities to innovate, but are there ways to make the process easier and faster? Divergent thinking is important in order to explore all possible solutions and think outside the box, but this approach can further be enhanced by team inclusivity reducing the "single experiences constraints", this sinergy increases the likelihood of finding innovative solutions that perfectly fit many different problems. We will talk about life experiences that can show us how inclusion and divergent thinking are positive differentiating factors.
  • LANGUAGE: Italian
  • FEATURING: PANELISTS: Gianluca Sgalippa - Freelance Entrepreneur and Professor at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Maria Cristina Porzio - CEO and Founder at BLOOM, Carlamaria Tiburtini - HRBP and Inclusion & Diversity Leader at Avio Aero; MODERATOR: Stefano Brandinali - Group Chief Digital Officer at Prysmian Group
  • DISCUSSION PANEL: organized by Prysmian Head Quarters - What are the tools to be used to lead, and how they can be used for personal and professional growth?Two high profile speakers will share with us their experience as leaders giving 2 perspectives: being a leader in a large company from one side and being the creator of a start-up from the other.
  • LANGUAGE: English
  • FEATURING: PANELISTS: Sanja Kon - CEO at Utrust, Cristiana Scelza - CEO at Prysmian Group Russia; MODERATOR: Carlotta Dainese - Group Digital Strategy&Digital Innovation Lab Director at Prysmian Group
  • OPENING SPEECH & DISCUSSION PANEL: organized by Prysmian South Europe - One of our partners, a top international head-hunting and executive search firm, will host an interactive keynote sharing market trends, vision and best practices regarding D&I impact in head-hunting activities and its relevance in recruitment, leadership outlook and pipeline management.
  • LANGUAGE:  English
  • FEATURING: Srini Siripurapu - CIO at Prysmian Group, Jennifer Flock - Partner at Heidrick Consulting Paris, Amy Turner - Partner at Heidrick Consulting London, Niccolo Calabresi - Partner at Heidrick Consulting Milan, Barbara Swistak - Principal, Industrial&HR Practices at Heidrick Consulting Paris
  • DISCUSSION PANEL: organized by Prysmian Head Quarters - Diverse teams have a greater propensity to unlock innovation that drives market and cultural growth. When we talk about diversity we include differences in ethnicity, age, gender and education, lifestyles, and background. Integration and respect for diversity are strengths and the inclusion of diversity contributes to innovation, changes for the better and risk management. Let's explore together with our speakers how we can develop an inclusive and innovative environment.
  • LANGUAGE:  Italian
  • FEATURING: PANELISTS: Mara Tanelli - Full Professor of Automatic Control at Politecnico di Milano, Franco Ongaro - Director of Technology, Engineering & Quality at ESA, Gianluca Dettori - President at Primomiglio SGR; MODERATOR: Carlotta Dainese - Group Digital Strategy&Digital Innovation Lab Director at Prysmian Group


  • QUIZ: organized by Prysmian North Europe - Through an informative and interactive cross regional D&I quiz, the event aims to share data and curiosities regarding D&I.
  • LANGUAGE: English
  • FEATURING: Kalmik Aysun - HR&Organization Director at Prysmian Turkey, Zonimir Ladan - Production Planner at Prysmian Group North Europe

Martedì 18

  • KEYNOTE SPEECH: organized by Prysmian Central East Europe - In the presentation we explore the importance of diversity for a business, the great results that diverse workforces can bring in terms of innovation, the hidden and the not so hidden biases that keep us from taking rational decisions. During the event we will see some great examples of innovation through diversity, some research that has been driving the diversity tsunami of our century and some data about these topics.
  • LANGUAGE:  Hungarian
  • FEATURING: Edina Heal - MBA CEO

Mercoledì 19

  • KEYNOTE SPEECH & VIDEO: organized by Prysmian UK - This talk provides information and examples regarding what the Unconscious Bias is, its affects in the workplace and how to recognize them.
  • LANGUAGE: English
  • FEATURING:Toby Mildon - Diversity & Inclusion Architect, Founder of Mildon
  • KEYNOTE SPEECH & VIDEO: organized by Prysmian Latin America - Through a presentation and an exemplifying video about unconscious biases, the goal of the event is to stimulate culture and mentality towards a more diverse and inclusive approach.
  • LANGUAGE: Portuguese
  • FEATURING: Luanny Faustino - D&I Specialist at CKZ

Giovedì 20

  • EMPLOYEES TALK & DISCUSSION PANEL: organized by Prysmian Middle East & Turkey - D&I includes a variety of "colours". Through a series of video interviews to our white and blue collar colleagues in MEAT and a panel discussion following these interviews, this event represents an opportunity to talk about the different kinds of diversity in particular the ones related to gender, generation, language, background and nationalities.
  • LANGUAGE:  English/Turkish/Arabic
  • FEATURING: Interviews: Prysmian Group WC&BC MEAT employees; Panel Moderator - Dario Rugge - HR Director at Prysmian Group MEAT, Committee Member, Rania El Helou - Sales Manager at Prysmian Group Oman Cables, Sarah Al Sharafi - HSE Coordinator at Prysmian Group Oman Cables, Balqees Sultan AL Syabi - Prysmian Graduate Program, Ramon Pallares - CEO at Oman Cables, Etem Bakac - Sales Director at Prysmian Group Turkey, Halil Kongur - Plant Director at Prysmian Group Turkey, Dilara Aydın - Prysmian Graduate Program, Sevdiye Senocak - Chief Production Planning at Prysmian Group Turkey
  • WORKSHOP: organized by Prysmian Central East Europe - The event focuses on unconscious prejudices: how can we recognize and eliminate them so that they do not adversely affect our decisions? What are the tools and materials to use to educate managers and employees in helping them recognize unconscious biases? During the event we will try to answer these questions and bring on the stage practical examples about hidden prejudices.
  • LANGUAGE: Slovak
  • FEATURING: Miroslava Kuľková, Ph.D. , Researcher of Charles University in Prague, GOOGLE certified Trainer, member of Lean in Institute
  • KEYNOTE SPEECH: organized by Prysmian Central East Europe - In our fast paced globally connected world, teams' successes depend on the speed and effectiveness of their problem solving and capability to innovate. During the event we will see that diverse teams are more capable of achieving these results. Moreover, we will see that successful companies rely not only on diverse teams but they foster an inclusive mindset and build appropriate programs to make diversity work in the right way.
  • LANGUAGE: Hungarian - with English translation
  • FEATURING: Márta Farkas - Change Management, Organisational Development & Environmental Psychologist Consultant at Cornelis Consulting
  • INTERVIEW: organized by Prysmian Central East Europe - An interview about the importance of the D&I for a business with the aim to show the reasons why D&I should be part of the growth strategy of a Company, and with particular data and references to Prysmian Group experience.
  • LANGUAGE: English
  • FEATURING: Angela Amodio - Group Talent & People Development VP at Prysmian Group

Venerdì 21

  • QUIZ: organized by Prysmian China - Through an informative and interactive D&I quiz, the event aims at sharing data and curiosities about D&I. The event shows, in particular how D&I is perceived by our colleagues in China.
  • LANGUAGE: Chinese/English
  • FEATURING: Cathy Peng - HR&Organization Director at Prysmian Group China
  • KEYNOTE SPEECH: organized by Prysmian China - A speech which summarizes the main diversities existing in Prysmian Group China, and highlights the local actions to be undertaken in order to promote an even more diverse and inclusive enviornment in the Region.
  • LANGUAGE: Chinese/English
  • FEATURING: Matteo Bavaresco, CEO at Prysmian Group China
  • KEYNOTE SPEECH & Q&A: organized by Prysmian China - Diversity and Inclusion includes a variety of differentiations. The event represent an opportunity to talk together about ideas, plans and actions to promote a more and more inclusive and diverse workplace in the Region
  • LANGUAGE: Chinese/English
  • FEATURING: May Wang - Corporate Affairs Director at Prysmian Group China, Shichao Wang - ELE R&D Manager at Prysmian Group China