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Prysmian Group new working policy


Prysmian Group promotes a post-pandemic hybrid working model allowing employees to work remotely up to 7 days per month.

  • Up to 7 days per month can be spent working remotely based on job eligibility
  • Each country will deploy the Policy locally in accordance with local legislation and work councils consultation
  • This policy is a response to the pandemic; across the Group, remote working had already been a part of our work-life balance culture and was fine-tuned given the evolution of the pandemic

“During this global emergency we are continuously driven to safeguard the health and safety of our people first and foremost. This policy looks our collective future and is driven by the conviction that workplaces will always play a key social role for individuals. Being back at our sites strongly builds team spirit, strengthens our social network, and stimulates the generation of ideas, innovations and solutions for our business. Maintaining a portion of our time for remote work, as well as solutions for flexible working time, will be important to achieve a better work-life balance. I believe this policy has the potential to reinforce our One Company culture while still embracing our values and giving direction to our people”
Valerio Battista
Chief Executive Officer
Prysmian Group

*the policy will gradually come into effect in relation to the progress of the pandemic emergency in the Countries

What is Remote Working