Innovating to transform the world

Innovating to transform the world

Innovation is, and always will be, the cornerstone of our business

Our established expertise and vast research efforts have allowed us to deliver not only key technologies and superior performance to our customers, but also to continue to shape the future of the industry itself.

We are able to enhance projects today by proposing new solutions that improve upon previously available technology and drive performance for tomorrow.

Here is just a selection of the breakthroughs that we have recently brought to the global market:

“We add cutting-edge ingredients, such as nanotechnologies and high-performance raw materials, to our compounds and products in order to enhance overall performance, just as individual spices enhance a recipe. This allows us to provide something unique and distinguish ourselves from competitors.”


Marcelo Andrade

SVP Research & Development


Our DTC methodology

Innovation doesn’t just apply to the products we deliver; it applies to our processes too. Our Design To Cost (DTC) methodology is used to lower production costs, both when developing a new product and when re-engineering an existing one.


The Future is closer than you think

So what does the future hold for cables and innovation? Read the interview with Prysmian’s SVP of R&D, Marcelo Andrade

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