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Social Ambition

Prysmian Group Social Ambition

Prysmian Group’s Social Ambition targets sit alongside its Climate Ambition targets. New 2030 targets support delivery of Prysmian’s Social Ambition objectives and further align the Group with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The main areas of focus of the Group’s Social Ambition include commitments to improving

  • diversity,
  • equality and inclusion;
  • digital inclusion;
  • empowerment of communities;
  • employee engagement and upskilling.

“At Prysmian we are committed to promoting the development of our employees, and making a positive impact on local communities across our global markets and to be courageous in addressing the economic, societal and environmental challenges which they face. Our Social Ambition targets confirm and further strengthen Prysmian’s commitment to bold and necessary action.”


Valerio Battista

CEO of Prysmian Group

At Prysmian, our global workforce is valued for its knowledge, skills and expertise. Each of us is unique, but united by our drive to succeed. Working with shared values to achieve our goals together.

Together we made it happen so far, and together we can even in the next steps succeeding in writing new chapters of our history to achieve a brighter tomorrow for us, for our Group and for the Communities in which we operate.

Sustainability is in our DNA and is an integral part of our business across the Group’s entire organization. Diversity and Inclusion is a key part of our Sustainability commitments. Our goal and commitment is strengthen our inclusive culture worldwide where all our employees are supported professionally in order to grow and where there are no obstacles based on gender, age & generation, background & culture, race, ethnicity, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, religion, or disability.

Each stakeholder is unique through their differences and this unity bring us together through full engagement and focusing on development of all stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, communities and shareholders), where everyone can feel safe, heard, seen, respected, engaged, motivated and valued, for who they are and for their contributions toward organizational and social goals. Inclusion only happens when the diversity of an organization is fully leveraged.

Since 2016, Prysmian Group has therefore continuously expanded its activities in the area of Gender Balance and taken below actions:

  • Official Launch of Side by Side, our Diversity & Inclusion Project at global level
  • Creation of the Group Diversity Workstream
  • Global Strategic Recruitment Programs and Official Gender Balance Targets
  • Women Leadership Program
  • D&I in our Engagement Survey
  • Diversity Academy
  • D&I as a main function in the Group
  • Side by Side positioned not only on gender but also on age and culture
  • Global Diversity Recruitment Policy
  • Diversity as one of the Leadership Principles in the new Leadership Model
  • Review of Potential Drivers in P4 to reduce gender bias
  • Intranet/website dedicated page for Diversity & Inclusion
  • Awareness Workshops
  • Global Maternity Policy
  • Official D&I Performance Indicators System
  • Day Care projects in different sites
  • Gender-Pay-Gap Analysis (in progress)
  • Gender balance in internal promotions
  • Global Anti-Harassment Policy
  • D&I Digital Trainings
  • Global Digital D&I Week
  • Signing UN WEP

Prysmian Group continue enlarging its actions in work-life balance in order to open up new career opportunities, especially for women. The measures range from childcare and the return guarantee after parental leave to flexible working-time models and part-time work - also for managers.

In recent years, the Group has increased the proportion of women:

  • in total workforce to 17%, with a new target of 17-19%
  • in women recruitment of desk workers to 34%, with a new target of 40%
  • in women in all management positions over 23,5 (as of Feb 2021), with a new target of 25-27%

by the end of 2022 through a set of KPI’s distributed to all Regions to guarantee professional equality.

To achieve these objectives, Prysmian Group is further committed to

  • Focus on Gender Equality and Diversity in Recruitment.
  • Empowering all women and girls in Exe Positions.
  • Grow Race and Ethnicity Inclusion in Exe Positions.
  • Provide better inclusion of all the workforce members through digital connection and innovative solutions to get all on board.
  • Upskilling and reskilling through blended learning and development programs, such as Internal Job Posting, individual development plans, Leadership Programs, Women in Leadership Program, Job Rotations, flexibility, internal job across functions, global mobility, etc.
  • Wellbeing of all employees, as well as working and remuneration conditions.
  • Side by Side positions on different nationalities, race and ethnicities.


Valerio Battista, CEO Prysmian Group

Prysmian Group in 2030: Our Social Ambition

Injuries Index towards 0 (employees & contractors)
50/50 in Recruiting of Desk Workers
More than 30% of Executives from under-represented nationalities/ ethnicities/origins
At least a project per year, with focus on developing countries and vulnerable communities
Connecting 100% (over 30,000) of our employees through global platforms, achieving a proper level of adoption
40 yearly hours per capita of experienced learning for all employees
30% of Women in Senior Leadership roles
Local mentoring programs for 500 students coming from minorities-poverty
Local projects with donation of optic and electric cables
More than 25% of employees involved in mobility/growth experience every year
25% of Women in the Total Workforce
50% of employees as stable shareholders through share ownership plans (YES)
+ 500 women in a fully dedicated STEM program
Higher than 80% response rate to Engagement Survey
+ 500 women in a fully dedicated STEM program
Leadership Impact Index improved to 70-80%
Zero Pay Gap Desk Workers

Fully utilizing the global expertise of its people is an integral part of Prysmian’s long-term sustainability strategy. Prysmian is proactively developing as an organisation which recognises the need for diversity, inclusion and gender equality at all levels, and is committed to empowering more women to pursue careers with Prysmian in technical and scientific roles. The Group is also promoting programmes to expand the digital inclusion of all its employees, while eliminating discrimination by role or position.

Our company values are driving the journey

Prysmian Group is committed to working in partnership with the many local communities in which it operates, primarily through its industrial presence, promoting their technical-professional, socio-cultural and human capital growth.
Prysmian promises to develop inclusive work environments centered on valuing and respecting people for their diverse genders, cultures, origins, nationalities, ethnicities, religions or abilities, consistent with its presence across five diverse continents.
Prysmian aims to accelerate the creation and development of a qualified workforce as part of a strategy for its long-term sustainability, developing an organization that strives to promote gender equality at all levels, with a specific focus on increasing women in technical-scientific fields and innovation.
The Group will champion programs to broaden the inclusion of all its collaborators and partners in digital technologies, overcoming past challenges and working to eliminate any role- or position-related discrimination.
Prysmian will continue to maintain workplace health and safety as a top priority for all its collaborators through programs aimed at daily prevention, as they are essential prerequisites for business


Rutschmann Fabrizio

Chief HR Officer


Prysmian will continue to protect health and safety in the workplace as an absolute priority for all its employees through daily prevention programs. The Group aims to have the injury rate towards 0 by 2030 in its plants and offices. Prysmian's health and safety objectives also apply to external contractors: the Group guarantees the highest safety standards to everyone, even to non-direct employees of the Company.

Prysmian Group has adopted the Women's Empowerment Principles and promotes gender equality across the business. The Group continues to improve work-life balance to open up new career opportunities, especially for women. Other measures include childcare and the return guarantee after parental leave as well as flexible working-time models and part-time work, including for managers.

To further align Prysmian with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the Group has set out the following 2030 targets to support delivery of its Social Ambition objectives:

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion
  • A 50/50 split between women and men in new hires
  • Commitment to at least 30% senior leadership roles to be held by women
  • Zero Pay Gap - with equality in pay across all roles
  • Commitment to hire more than 500 women in a dedicated science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) recruitment programme
  • At least 30% of executives to be from under-represented nationalities/ethnicities
  • Local mentoring programs for 500 students coming from minorities
Digital Inclusion


  • Connect all employees through global digital platforms, ensuring significant progress in adoption levels
Empowering local communities
  • Develop educational-training programs dedicated to local schools and communities with a focus on the most vulnerable and developing regions
  • Encouraging young children of all ages to explore and embrace a technical and scientific career, through knowledge-sharing programs which build on Prysmian Group’s extensive global expertise
Employee Engagement and Up-Skilling
  • 40 hours per year of learning for all employees
  • More than 25% of employees involved in rotation/career growth experience every year
  • At least 50% of employees as stable shareholders through our share ownership plans
  • Higher than 80% response rate to the annual Engagement Survey
  • Leadership Impact Index improved to 70-80%

“Today, all of Prysmian’s industrial processes include ESG KPIs. Sustainability is a business for Prysmian and there is no production process or business unit within the Group that is not committed in ESG terms. The market itself is demanding this: today, no investor or bank may think about investing in companies which do not meet sustainability requirements.


Maria Cristina Bifulco

Chief Sustainability Officer