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Projects Division

Do you want to take part in the energy transition? Our Projects Division can be your next career opportunity!

We are hiring for professionals who want to challenge themselves through global impactful projects.

Since 2007 Prysmian’s Projects Division has worked on Supply Only and Turnkey Projects, designing, manufacturing, building, trading cables and components especially for the energy transmission for the major national and international operators. It is an EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) Contractor, so its teams follow each phase from the very beginning to its end.


Together with the other Prysmian Group entities, the Projects Division works on clear goals, built on 3 key pillars:


Have a look at some of our projects

German Corridors


Three underground energy cable systems connect German wind farms in the North Sea to the southern states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. This is the energy project that will lead Germany to have 65 % of its electricity consumed from renewable sources by 2030.

Of these systems, Prysmian will lay about 2,300 kilometers of energy cables, which are required for the three German corridor projects.

These will include the use of the P-Laser 525 kV cable, the first 100% recyclable, environmentally sustainable and high-performance cable.

Tyrrhenian Link


The Tyrrhenian Link project involves the design, supply, and installation of more than 1,500 km of submarine cables to support energy exchange between Sardinia, Sicily, and Campania, thereby strengthening the Mediterranean energy hub.

The submarine and land cables will be produced at the Arco Felice (Naples) plant and the cable laying will be largely carried out by the Leonardo da Vinci, the world's largest cable laying vessel. Noteworthy is the fact that Tyrrhenian will set a record for submarine cable installation in terms of depth. The estimated level is approximately 2250 meters b.s.l.

Sofia Project


This is a project to build a turnkey high-voltage subsea and onshore cable system for the Sofia offshore wind farm; it’s signed by RWE Renewables, one of the world's largest developers of offshore wind farms.

The Projects Division will be responsible for the design, supply, installation and testing of a symmetrical single-core high voltage direct current (HVDC) cable system that will connect the offshore substation to the onshore conversion station in Teesside. The project includes more than 440 km of ±320 kV submarine cables with XLPE insulation, installed via the Leonardo Da Vinci, and 15 km of ±320 kV land-based cables with P-Laser insulation.

Hear the voices of our people

Hakan Ozmen

“We are in the middle of the energy transition and we are growing everyday more, especially in the Projects Division. To accommodate this growth, we invest a lot in diversity, such as cultural diversity and gender diversity. I believe that this is also strengthening our team.”

Hakan Ozmen, Projects Division Executive VP

Elisa Marrali

“Since I have taken this role I have learned a lot. I think that working for strategic Turnkey Projects is exiting and allows to learn very fast about different area of our business. I am very proud of being part of the Division Projects and I am enthusiastic about next challenges to come.”

Elisa Marrali - France & Belgium Submarine Power Sales Manager – Projects Division

Marco Marelli

“The large founding initiatives happening all around the world are marking a great opportunity for the Projects Division. So, more than ever, we are now investing in plants, research and especially people. Everyone who wants to take this challenge can find the place where to better express his/her talent and to contribute to the target we have.”

Marco Marelli Projects System Engineering VP - Projects Division

Elena Vazquez Roman

“As contract manager, we assist the project teams. Working on a project is very exciting. Projects Division means teamwork and effort, with its challenges and rewards. But it is very rewarding to see how your work somehow helps to create something important that impacts the necessary energy transition.”

Elena Vazquez Roman - Contract Manager - Projects Division

Ripepi Francesca

“Within a “project environment” you have the chance to tackle new challenges, different situations, perspective and multiple stakeholders. It is a privilege to be part of a talented and committed team, working for a Company where I feel I can contribute to a more sustainable world.”

Ripepi Francesca - Portfolio Contract Manager - Projects Division

Heiko Dirks

“Intercultural cooperation is key to master the increasingly complexity in work processes. A good international teamwork is more than the sum of individual performances. This is what you find in the Projects Division. Every day, we benefit from connections among individuals and areas within our division.”

Heiko Dirks - Continental Europe Regional Director for Project Management – Projects Division

Typical available positions in the division

The Project Manager is the main interface with the Customer and Customer Project Team. Project Manager has the responsibility to initiate, plan, execute, finalise and monitor & control the project in accordance with the customer’s contractual terms and specification, within the agreed timescales and budget, this includes coordinating the project team as well as any third-party contractors or consultants. PM is also responsible for defining clear project objectives, building the project requirements and managing the constraints in terms of costs, time, scope and quality.

The Jointing superintendent supervises directly multiple teams of jointers working on specific sites, offshore and onshore. The figure acts as interface with Customer, jointing subcontractors, cable laying subcontractors and other third parties involved in the site works for jointing-related aspects and planning of the activities. He/her provides method statements and other documentation necessary to carry out the works on site in cooperation with and under the supervision of Installation Engineering, supervises multiple teams of jointers working on specific sites to install timely with the best quality standards all the accessories required by the contracts. Provide the activities optimizing resources and tools assigned to the specific sites of accessories installation. Performs site supervision taking care of resources (personnel and assets), technical aspects, logistic and HSE management on site. Supervises helpers (subcontracted) on site as required. Guarantees the compliance with internal rules and procedures during the entire process. Performs and supervises the activities of the sheath testing on the cables, as required.

The System Design Engineer offers technical solutions related to the AC/DC Land and Submarine Cables Systems (Cables and Accessories). The figure designs a competitive technical solution for the specific application, provides Design reports including Electrical, Thermal and Mechanical verifications of the cables, identifies testing and qualification requirements and needs. Analyze and identify the technology readiness and Risk Assessment of the products, updates design reports based on as-built conditions. Contributes to identification of Root Cause Analysis in case of Non-Conformities or faults. The Current Prysmian Cable Technologies are AC/DC/XLPE/Plaser/HV/MV). Cables accessories: joints, terminations, link boxes

The installation Tender Engineer offers technical solutions related to the marine and land installation phase of cables and accessories. The main responsibilities are the following, prepares Installation Technical Solution and Method Statement for Installation. Manage the Installation Preparedness Plan (Installation section), support in evaluating/developing best/new Installation solution. Analyze the installation Costs and support to suggest potential investments (for Installation).

Responsible for the planning and implementation of the Project Quality assurance activities. Coordinates the Quality Control activities implementation. He/her is responsible for Quality aspects during project delivery phase. The figure supports the Project Managers in the review and management with Customers about Quality matters. Prepares the Project Quality Plans, Quality Control Plans and Project Quality Procedures which guarantee compliance with contractual requirements and Quality Company Procedure. Performs Quality Induction activities within the various area of the Project. Supports the handover phase from bid to delivery phase by creating a link between project team and PPL Plants. Defines Plan and execute Project Audits. Supervises the proper execution of the Quality Control Plan. Assesses the Quality Control Plans of sub-contractors and identifies any necessary corrective measures. Provides periodical analysis of project Non-Conformities, complaints, KPIs and lesson learnt. Overall responsible for the management of the project Non-Conformities.

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