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Prysmian Group at the annual Tech and Politics Forum 2022 in Brussels

Prysmian Group at the annual Tech and Politics Forum 2022 in Brussels

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Optical fibre technology key to succeed in the EU digital and green transition
Evp P. Vanhille: “As the European industry leader, we are committed to investing in R&D and production capabilities to provide Europe with a reliable supply chain”

Milan, Italy   -   09/26/2022 - 9:23 AM

Prysmian Group, the world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, confirms its efforts in providing Europe with technological prominence. According to the Group’s Executive Vice President Telecom Division Philippe Vanhille, optical fibre technology is key to the European digital and green transition, and Prysmian, being the European industry leader, is committed to providing Europe with a reliable supply chain. For this reason, the Group has been investing in upgrading its production capacity in Douvrin, France, and in Slatina, Romania — Europe’s largest optical fibre plant and optical cable plant, respectively.

In a keynote panel on Europe’s connectivity and digital infrastructure upgrading at the Tech and Politics Forum 2022, the annual event for the European telecom industry, Vanhille will share his vision on the need to shift to next-generation connectivity, emphasising the importance of taking today the right decisions that will determine the future value of the telecom infrastructure. In the fast-changing digital sector, this means promoting the deployment of high-quality passive infrastructure that will be able to respond to yet undefined future demands for digital capacity, guaranteeing performance, reliability and sustainability. Moreover, higher quality optical fibres represent the best solution to prevent and counter cyber security threats and to safely transmit optical signals.

Fibre and cable technology is critical for a successful digital and green transition, as it represents the core component of broadband deployment in line with the Digital Decade targets – access to internet for all in the EU by 2030. The decisions we take today will impact the coming decades, therefore it is paramount we leverage on R&D and innovation to develop quality components and maximise the value and sustainability of the infrastructure,”, states Vanhille. “We need to invest in understanding the challenges of building a future-proof broadband network and to leverage on the industry capability to develop leading innovation, in order to create the most advanced solutions for each and every use case, without ever compromising on quality and robustness.

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