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  1. 10 Sep 2019

    Corporate Power Grids

    Leonardo da Vinci: a vessel true to its name

  2. 26 Nov 2018

    Power Grids

    Europacable and T&D Europe – Policy Conference 2018

  3. 20 Jun 2018

    Power Grids Transmission

    Europacable hosted 2018 General Assembly

  4. 26 Apr 2018

    Innovation Power Grids Power & Control

    European Aluminium’s event on Industrial Policy

  5. 22 Mar 2018

    Power Grids

    The new CLICK-FIT® website is live

  6. 20 Feb 2018

    Power Grids

    Leadership Change in Europacable Technical Transmission Team

  7. 13 Feb 2018

    Power Grids

    Prysmian Group supports the ENTSO-E and Europacable vision for an interconnected Europe

  8. 23 Nov 2017

    Power Grids

    Prysmian support Europacable and T&D Europe Grid Day

  9. 24 Oct 2017

    Products & Solutions Power Grids Offshore Wind Farm Wind Turbines

    Prysmian cables to produce energy in icy conditions

  10. 28 Aug 2017

    Corporate Sustainability Products & Solutions Power Grids

    Prysmian Group supports Tesla forging a renewable energy future