Founded in 1973 by a group of volunteers, Comunità Nuova works with public and private organisations, local healthcare authorities and addiction treatment centres, schools, churches, local governments and businesses. It operates in several fields: shelter, rehab and support services for drug addicts; school prevention programmes; custody of minors; school extracurricular activities and youth centres, legal counselling and advice for immigrants; inter-cultural promotion and social re-integration.

Thanks to Prysmian Group’s donation, the Milan youth centre’s educators have been able to implement three major projects for different groups of young people attending the centre.

A learning support path for pupils from local schools has involved 23 middle-school pupils (aged 11 to 15 years old) for three afternoons a week from September to June. This service was able to intervene in-depth with the assistance of effective teaching methods, producing successful results for the students involved.

A dance course, designed to create an opportunity mainly for female users, was attended by 10 girls on a weekly basis for a total of 51 hours. Comunità Nuova's objective with this activity was to encourage alternative channels of communication, by discovering and appreciating different ways of expression and also to provide an opportunity to develop self-esteem, acceptance and exploration of a variety of different ways of being, moving and interacting with one's own and others' bodies.

This year the Youth Centre also organised two separate holidays for pre-adolescent and adolescent groups on the island of Elba, just off the Tuscany coast. A total of 23 boys and girls took part along with three educators. The objective of this initiative was to enable, empower and give the group a great sense of responsibility, by increasing awareness of the importance of group sharing and rules, as well as respect for others' property and space.

These socially beneficial projects have undoubtedly helped to provide valuable and new opportunities to disadvantaged young people.