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Projects for local communities

Prysmian Group “gives back” to the communities where it does business through cash donations, in-kind donations of cables or equipment, and through the Business Volunteer project, activating a series of social initiatives that are supported by the contributions of employees who “donate working hours.” The Covid-19 emergency made organizing in-person activities more difficult in 2020, but this did not reduce our commitment towards local communities.


Here is a look at some of our community initiatives in 2021:

Civil Protection Agency

Prysmian Group donated uniforms to a 14-member team of emergency responders at the Civil Protection Agency in Cernusco Lombardone, a small town between Milan and Lake Como, who helped their town during the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. These Civil Protection teams primarily serve their local communities, but also operate during national and international disasters.

Rewrite the Future

Prysmian Group renewed its support for Save the Children’s “Rewrite the Future” campaign, continuing a commitment with this non-profit organisation. The Group’s donation contributes to supporting 26 “Spotlights” in 20 cities across Italy, offering girls and boys between the ages of 6 and 17 the opportunity to participate, free of charge, in training and educational activities, such as assisted study, art and recreational workshops, innovative workshops for the development of digital skills, physical activities, workshops dedicated to environmental education and healthy lifestyles.

Pane Quotidiano

During the 2021 Christmas holidays, the Prysmian Group organised a donation open to the employees at its headquarters in Milan. For each euro donated by its employees, the Group donated the same sum to the Onlus Pane Quotidiano non-profit organisation in Milan that has been distributing distributes free meals to people in need for over 100 years.

Amici di Brera

Prysmian Group supports the artistic, cultural and civic heritage of the Brera Academy in Milan through the Amici di Brera non profit group. Amici di Brera works to foster knowledge, enhancement and protection of Milan’s historic Brera Museum by seeking direct sponsorship, carrying out fundraising campaigns and organizing donations to the collection.

Tema Foundation

In 2021, we made a donation to the Tema Foundation in Turkey for protection of the natural habitat and to prevent soil erosion.