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Communicating with stakeholders


Dialogue with stakeholders

The sustainability strategy of Prysmian Group is founded on continuous dialogue with our stakeholders (customers, suppliers, universities and research centers, investors and trade unions). We aim to develop a relationship of trust and transparency in an ongoing process during the many multi-stakeholder engagement events we organize throughout the year. These events help us to identify the needs, problems and expectations of stakeholders and subsequently integrate them into the Group’s strategy. These events also generate new ideas for improvements that lead to product and process innovation. Stakeholders are invited to give their feedback on the main impacts (positive and/or negative) of the Group’s activities throughout the Prysmian value chain, including additional new actions that the Group may implement to contribute to sustainable development. We also assess and prioritize stakeholders’ views on sustainability by carrying out a structured survey to be used to develop our materiality analysis.

Sustainability Day

The “Prysmian Sustainability Day” is a multi-stakeholder event that in 2021 was held virtually for the second time, due to the unusual global situation. Over 6,000 people around the world watched management and Group employees discuss their experience of Prysmian’s programs related to specific sustainability topics. Afterwards, three separate thematic meetings were held for a deep dive into three areas: climate change and the environmental impact of the manufacturing sectors; the importance of diversity within businesses and the welfare policies adopted in favor of employees; and the growing and strategic importance of digital innovations for business continuity.


Dialogue with financial stakeholders

Prysmian’s policy of strategic and financial communication is carried out with the highest standards of accuracy, clarity and transparency. Actions and procedures are designed to provide the market with credible information about the business, with a view to boosting confidence in the company and facilitating a long-term approach to investment in our shares. Prysmian organizes conference calls to discuss its quarterly earnings with institutional investors and financial analysts, also inviting specialist media representatives to take part. In addition, the Company promptly informs existing and potential shareholders about any action or decision that could have a material impact on their investment. Relations with the financial market were intense during 2021, with more than 500 conference calls and one-on-one or group sessions, which were mostly held as virtual meetings due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The ever-increasing attention paid by ESG investors to environmental, social and governance matters was further confirmed by their growing attendance at meetings and conferences held specifically for them .

The company has also in place a continuous engagement process with its current and potential shareholders with the aim of nurturing an open dialogue and align expectations. The engagement is focused not only on business developments, but also on governance and social aspects.

There are 19 financial analysts who regularly cover the Prysmian stock.


conference calls or one-on-one or group sessions


offices of independent agencies monitor Prysmian's stock