Multimedia Solutions

Linking multimedia to private communications

Multimedia Solutions

Society today demands the effective delivery of information at any time, anywhere.

That’s why Prysmian specialises in everything to do with cables for private communication networks. Supporting wholesalers, resellers and OEMs, our solutions are designed to meet both current and future demands, with absolute reliability and total flexibility.

Our Multimedia Solutions business area manufactures and sells optical, coaxial and copper cables.  

From cables for TV and film studios, rail networks and underground long-distance communication to light signalling, track switching devices and mobile telecommunications, we innovate to create next-generation communication solutions, today.

Despite the extensive use of mobile phones today, the vast majority of applications are run on cabled infrastructures. Our Multimedia Solutions department develops, produces and sells copper and optical fibre cables that cover virtually every communications application in this field. Whatever your needs, whether you depend on network solutions to run your business, or whether you are a wholesaler, value-added reseller, or OEM, we can help you meet your current and future requirements. We offer greater bandwidths, longer-life solutions, absolute reliability and more.

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We support customer needs and requirements by investing in higher value-added products, and developing high-performance cables that are fully compliant with the most stringent European CPR requirements.

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OM5 WideBand multimode fibre

A new kind of optical MM fibre entered networking technology offering significantly increased capacity along with usability advantages

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FOCUS ON / UC-Datacables

UC Datacables

Please find here a selection of our UC-Datacables

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OM5 - what brings the
new fiber class for
optical LANs?

Those who are monitoring the developments at IEEE802.3 will not suffer from a lack of ideas about the transfer methods at the moment, as a large number of partly overlapping solutions are currently under development or already standard.

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UC Data Cable

UC-FIBRE Optical Data Cable

UC-LR - When bigger is better internet

Draka Studiokabel - IP MediaLine Product Catalogue


Draka RF EN

ICS 2012 EN

MMS Special Solutions

Mobile Networks Cables

DIN/VDE designation for OFC data com cables

Rodent protection

Standard colour codes and Lay-ups for OFC datacom cables

Cable protection and sheathing

Cable reels for OFC cable from the Draka Brøndby plant

Fibre colours and colour codes for OFC datacom cables


Link length for different LAN applications


UCFIBRE product names

ES9 and LS9 buffers

Bending properties of cables with BIMF

Crosstalk Model for Pair-shielded Data Cables

EMC Test 1000BaseT

EMC Test 100BaseT

EMC Test 10BaseT


DIN/VDE designation for OFC data com cables


CAT.5E - UC300 24 Cat.5e U/UTP 4P PVC - cs108410

CAT.5E - UC300 24 Cat.5e U/UTP 4P LSHF - cs108411

CAT.5E - UC300 S24 Cat.5e F/UTP 4P PVC - cs108413

CAT.5E - UC300 S24 Cat.5e F/UTP 4P LSHF - cs108412

CAT.5E - UC300 HS24 Cat.5e SF/UTP 4P PVC - cs109469

CAT.6 - UC400 Cat.6 U/UTP 4P HD PVC - cs113771

CAT.6 - UC400 Cat.6 U/UTP 4P HD LSHF - cs111608

CAT.6 - UC400 S23 Cat.6 U/FTP 4P LSHF - cs108416

CAT.6 - UC400 HS23 Cat.6 S/FTP 4P LSHF - cs112683

CAT.6A - UC500 23 Cat.6A U/UTP 4P LSHF - cs113753

CAT.6A - UC500 S23 Cat.6A U/FTP 4P LSHF - cs109461

CAT.6A - UC500 S23 Cat.6A U/FTP 2x4P LSHF - cs111595

CAT.6A - UC500 AS 23 Cat.6A F/FTP 4P LSHF - cs109472

CAT.7 - UC900 HS23 Cat.7 S/FTP 4P LSHF - cs109460

CAT.7 - UC900 HS23 Cat.7 S/FTP 2x4P LSHF - cs109453

CAT.7 - UC900 SS23 Cat.7 S/FTP 4P LSHF - cs108419

CAT.7 - UC900 SS23 Cat.7 S/FTP 4P LSHF-FR - cs113749

CAT.7A - UC1200 HS23 Cat.7A S/FTP 4P LSHF - cs112698

CAT.7A - UC1200 SS23 Cat.7A S/FTP 4P LSHF-FR - cs110566

CAT.7A - UC1500 HS22 Cat.7A S/FTP 4P LSHF - cs111596

CAT.7A - UC1500 SS22 Cat.7A S/FTP 4P LSHF-FR - cs110499

ABS Certificate ToughCat 7



RG214, RG223


ToughCat 5e S/FTP

ToughCat 7 S/FTP

OceanLine UC300 HS24 Cat.5e

UC900 SS27 Cat.7

OceanLine UC900 SS23 Cat.7

OceanLine UC900 SS23 Cat.7

UC1500 SS23 Multimedia Cat.7

OceanLine Optical Distribution Cable/Mini breakout/J-V(ZN)H

OceanLine Optical Cable/Breakout cable/J-V(ZN)HH


UC400 HS23_1 Drahtex RJC DX 250 S SW

UC400 HS23_1 Setec Cat.6 screened

UC600 SS23_1 BTR E-DAT 200 Cat.6 Double Outlet Box

UC600 SS23_1 BTR E-DAT Plus Cat.6 Double Outlet Box

UC600 SS23_1 BTR E-DATmodule 8(8) Cat.6

UC600 SS23_1 Setec Cat.6 screened

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