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Prysmian Group at Connected Britain 2023

Prysmian Group at Connected Britain 2023

Categories: Corporate Telecoms

EVP P. Vanhille: “Need for connectivity is growing. We will keep focusing in reliability, performance and sustainability of our optical fibre solutions”

Milan, Italy   -   09/19/2023 - 11:30 AM

Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, will be Platinum Sponsor at Connected Britain 2023, the UK’s most important connectivity event taking place in London on September 20-21. The event will be an opportunity for the various industry leaders to exchange views with respect to the challenges and critical issues facing the steady growth of recent years, as well as to discuss new opportunities and the ability to meet the ever-increasing demand.

At stand 138, Prysmian’s complete FTTx portfolio for cabling and connectivity solutions to meet all demands from the market, present and future will be showcased, including the latest innovations for internal and external distribution, Karona Overblow system and a range of optical fibre solutions.

Prysmian will be an active player also at the Conference sessions, where Philippe Vanhille, EVP Telecom Division at Prysmian Group, will take part in a panel with title “The changing investment landscape for the fibre market”. In his speech, Vanhille will explain how the need of connection and infrastructure is globally undeniable and unavoidable. For this reason, the direction the market is taking is to leverage even more on innovation, which will continue to be the main driver for creating value; together with the reshoring of industrial activities, which will be more and more decisive; and, undoubtedly, ESG issues, which will play an increasingly important role. The value of a telecom network is made of building blocks like performance, robustness, future proofness and minimised environmental impact during construction in operations. Therefore, for such a long-term investment in a critical infrastructure the decisions made today regarding the quality of the network’s components heavily influence the mid/long term value of the asset.

“The growing macro-economic and market uncertainty will not slow down digital transformation. The process has just begun, and we’re seeing in fact an acceleration rather than a falloff of the digital processes”, states Vanhille. "As an industry leader, we will continue to provide communities and businesses with the best solutions, namely those that combine reliability, performance and sustainability. The key to success will be the ability to adapt to the new era we are already entering, and we at Prysmian possess all the tools and spirit to meet the needs of our stakeholders, the community and the Planet."

Moreover, Carlos Lopez, Telecom Sales Manager at Prysmian UK, will speak in the Project Rollout stream “Supporting Full Fibre deployment in the UK”. He will explain how quality, robust and smaller cables can be used in already congested ducts, allowing reduced packaging, transportation, and transportation costs, and help minimise their impact on the environment and the carbon footprint from building the network.

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