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Submarine Cable Solutions

A new turnkey solution to prevent subsea cables damages and minimize downtime and costs in case of fault.

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In an increasingly interconnected and decentralized energy environment, submarine cables play a critical role to enable power transmission via interconnectors or from offshore wind farms. Laid down in extreme water depths conditions hundreds of meters under sea level, subsea cables are threatened by high risk of faults, as proven by the 90 cable faults occurred in the last 7 years totaling over €350 mn claim to insurances.

Preventing this kind of events and being able to resolve them minimizing downtime is crucial to TSO and offshore facilities operators, which might suffer severe losses from cable failures.

Prysmian Group combined a full Monitoring set with a complete Maintenance service in a unique and effective solution, Power Link Cable Solutions, to provide a complete effective management of subsea cable faults, from detection to recovery, that dramatically lowers downtime and remarkably reduces costs.

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Power Link Cable Solutions: unmatched performances

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A turnkey solution to protect your business


Power Link Cable Solutions is the result of the Group’s subsea cables know-how, cutting-edge technologies, deep water installations and maintenance capabilities all integrated in a one-stop service provider package.

We are able to offer:

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Permantent Surveillance

Power Link Cable Solutions offers a complete set of cloud-based asset monitoring systems, providing a 24/7 remote control of subsea cables, with a full team of Prysmian specialists capable to read and interpret collected data.

This service, based on PRY-CAM solutions, represents a revolution in asset management as it features non-invasive measurement ad provides accuracy and deep diagnostic information. It includes programmed intervention preventing any faults and system malfunctions.

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Preventive Maintenance

Prysmian set up in Middlesbrough, UK, a marine base fully equipped with all what is needed for maintenance interventions, including spares storage and management:

  • Multiple sheltered storage areas for cables and accessories

  • Easy access to facility from sea, easy loading/offloading of spares and equipment

  • Accessibility to to service providers for VOO Mob/Demob and providers for Survey Equipment/Services 

  • A permanent engineering and offshore installation team ready  to take care of most challenging projects all around the world.


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Prompt Reaction

Prysmian warrants a prompt reaction with its dedicated fleet - semi mobilized DP Vessel and shallow water barge - permanently in stand-by at its Middlesbrough marine base, located at 2/3 days from all the main Northern Europe offshore locations, offering:

  • 24/7 call center

  • DP2 vessel, equipped with cable repair/lay spread for operations in Deep Water, ready on site in just 10 days, vs an average of 50-55 days.

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Prysmian’s cable monitoring systems are based on PRY-CAM solutions: a set of cutting-edge products for condition-assessment and asset management that incorporate state-of-the-art monitoring technologies.




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POWER Link 360° maintenance base


→   Reduces CapEx costs for clients

→   Maximises efficiency and effectiveness of response in case of fault

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PRY_PLCS_callCentre.png   24/7 call centre


PRY_PLCS_vessel.png   DP2 vessel, equipped with cable repair/lay spread for operations in deep water, ready on site in 10 days


PRY_PLCS_time.png   Time taken to reach fault site dramatically slashed. Average ready-on-site time: 50-55 days

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PRY_PLCS_solutions.png     |    One stop shop solution

Power Link Cable Solutions offers all the advantages of a single partner, combined with the commitment of the world leader in the cable industry, boosting world-class expertise in offshore submarine connections from design, to manufacturing, installation and testing.

As a single-source service provider partnering with major companies around the world, Prysmian offers a single point of contact in the most advanced projects. Thanks to its capability to manage all other suppliers and contractors, Prysmian can abate the risk of the projects and ensure efficient, on-time delivery, from feasibility studies to final installation.

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