Production Facilities

Production Facilities

We help our customers make tomorrow’s world a better place by providing them with highly innovative solutions that enable them to meet their future challenges.

We create those vital connections that ensure energy and information is carried effectively, efficiently and sustainably.

Our Submarine Manufacturing centres of excellence are located in three different countries:

Arco Felice Plant (Italy)

  • Paper and XLPE cable
  • MV, HVAC up to 400kV & HVDC up to 600kV
  • 2 CCV & 2 Lapping lines

Pikkala Plant (Finland)

  • XLPE cables
  • MV, HVAC up to 400kV & HVDC up to 525kV
  • 1 CCV & 2 VCV

Drammen Plant (Norway)

  • Oil&Gas and MV Submarine plant
  • Layup & Armoring
  • Array cables and submarine FO
  • Up to 66KV

NSW Plant (Germany)

  • Submarine Power Cables (MV, HV)
  • Submarine Telecom Cables (repeatered and repeaterless)
  • Submarine Offshore & Special Cables
  • Deep water loading facility and direct access to North Sea