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Prysmian solutions exist to help grid operators and utilities, industrial companies, and installers transmit and distribute the energy that powers every aspect of our world.

Our product portfolio includes both aerial and underground medium-voltage cable systems (including all types of network components) for the connection of industrial and/or residential buildings to the primary distribution network, alongside low-voltage cable systems for power distribution and cabling to buildings.



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Focus On / Distribution


A totally eco-friendly cable with fully-recyclable component parts. The streamlined production process offers customers fast delivery and increased carbon efficiency in a form that’s fully compatible with their existing networks.

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Focus on / Distribution

Smart Grids

Cutting-edge, high quality cables and grid components not only enhance grid reliability and efficiency, but they can prevent blackouts and reduce overall maintenance costs.

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Focus on / Distribution


A groundbreaking solution that provides better mechanical protection than traditional metal-armoured cables at a lower cost, whilst maintaining the functional advantages of unarmoured cables.

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High Temperature Overhead Lines

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Smart Grid


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