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CasaLink Block Terminal


The CasaLink Block Terminal (CBT) is a pre-connectorised, compact box, easily mounted on the wall or on a pole. The CBT system does not use a proprietary drop or feeder cable, Prysmian’s patented fibre locking system allows loose tube cables can be utilised with existing overhead infrastructure.

CBT can be used as part of a point to point or PON system, so balanced or unbalanced splitters can be pre-installed within the block, increasing the capacity of the fibres accommodated within its compact size.

CBT comes in three variants – 4 port, 8 port and 12 port.  It is supplied as a sealed unit; pre-connecterised multi fibre push (MPO) feeder cable and SC connectors on the drop cable significantly reduce the time needed to install this high-capacity block.

The CBT can be used both for aerial and underground applications. It is robust and completely weatherproof, being IP55 rated for aerial installation and IP68 for underground. The installation method is exceptionally flexible, catering to a wide range of individual requirements for specific deployment.  

The product which is not only unrestricted in its application, but is also smaller, lighter and much faster to install than alternatives.