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BendBrightXS 200um and 180um Fibre

Wherever small cable size, low footprint connectivity, or tight accidental bend is the concern, BendBrightXS is your ideal solution

BendBrightXS 200 and 180 µm allows cable designers to drastically reduce cable diameters for most OSP cable designs. This feature not only enables the increase of fibre density in ducts, but also reduces the size and weight of aerial cables. What’s more, it can dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership of a network while limiting the environmental impact of its deployment.

Thanks to the quality of modern coatings, you don’t have to compromise on the overall fibre quality or performance.

Bend Insensitive Fibres

Bend-insensitive single mode fibres (ITU-T G.657.A1 and G.657.A2) are a crucial part of the world’s shift towards flexible and reliable connectivity. They are the only fibres capable of securing the whole fibre spectrum, especially at the longer wavelengths (1625 nm and above), by minimising losses linked to macro- and microbends.

Product Information

BendBrightXS 200 µm fibre can be installed using existing ducts, thereby saving time, reducing civil works, and lowering pathway fees. 

BendBrightXS 200 µm additionally offers a reduced outside diameter for drastic reduction of the weight and footprint of cables and fibre management systems.