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PRYSUN is Prysmian Group's global solar PhotoVoltaic compliant with the most recognized global standards: European standard EN 50618 and International standard IEC 62930.

Why are PV cables so important?

The main keys to a successful PV installation are the design of the PV system, the quality of the PV components and a correct installation. The choice of components is critical in any system. When talking about PV components, the primary focus is on modules, inverters and panel support structures. Certainly, these components are crucial in the installations and represent a major part of the investment.  However, the PV wire is undeniably a critical system component.

The PV or solar cables are part of the Balance of System (BOS) in a PV installation and represent only 1-2% of the total installation cost.  For this reason, PV cables are often overlooked but are a crucial part of any PV installation. PV wires that meet the industry standards, are good quality and are sized properly provide safety and longer-lasting systems.

Solar cables are often exposed to harsh environmental conditions: UV radiation, moisture, temperature fluctuations as well as wind, snow and rain.  Inadequate cables are one of the first components of the system to show failures by interrupting energy generation.  The loses in generation and revenue, coupled with high replacement costs, demand that the right product is selected for the job at hand.  Every kW lost in generation due to poor quality cables is a loss in terms of return on investment.

PV wire failures disrupt power generation which leads to replacement of the cables and replacement costs.  In addition to the costs of the repair, there is a risk of damaging panels or other components. The initial investment in good quality PV cables becomes immaterial compared to the potential risk stemming from the use of low performance cables.


For many years, there has not been an international standard for photovoltaic cables. For this reason, many countries have been using the existing European standard or even cables that are not suitable for PV applications. At the end of 2017, the new IEC 62930, the first international standard for PV cables was issued.

PRYSUN is the newest global brand resulting from the combination of Prysmian Group and General Cable.  It is compliant with European standard EN 50618 and the International standard IEC 62930. It is the result of synergies between Prysmian Group and General Cables R&D teams all over the world, with a global technology and know-how sharing to find the best solutions with our combined capabilities. Due to Prysmian Group’s global presence,

PRYSUN is available regionally with manufacturing in multiple locations on different continents.