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Power Distribution


Linking power grids to sustainability

Prysmian solutions exist to help grid operators and utilities, industrial companies, and installers transmit and distribute the energy that powers every aspect of our world.

Our product portfolio includes both aerial and underground medium-voltage cable systems (including all types of network components) for the connection of industrial and/or residential buildings to the primary distribution network, alongside low-voltage cable systems for power distribution and cabling to buildings.

The move from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy is one of the greatest and most urgent issues facing humanity. But to access cleaner, greener energy, more expansive and more intelligent grids and infrastructures are required. Prysmian solutions are the backbone of these next-generation power grids, making connections where it was previously impossible.

What do we offer? Everything. Prysmian PD can fulfil any power system specifications, to suit your exact requirements – however small or large.  Beyond the cable. We’re more than cable supplier. We’re innovators. Partners. Enablers. General advisers.

It’s all in the detail. We put our customers at the heart of all we do. It means our designs are customized to perfectly match your individual needs.

A rapid and robust, yet truly agile supply chain

Manufacturing is the soul of our company. We were born to produce. We deliver world-leading products to our customers by putting them at the centre of our daily work. And by endeavouring to truly understand your needs in order to provide an exceptional service.

Safety without compromise

We understand the crucial role our cables play in keeping engineers, assets and infrastructure safe. That’s why we ensure that, through continuous investment in innovation, our products are not only high performing, but also that they meet the optimum standards of product safety.

Ongoing Innovation

Being a leader means knowing how to innovate. Our forward-thinking R&D team knows how to push the limits of what’s possible. We’re always finding new ways to make next-generation cables that are lighter, tougher, more resilient and greener. But we take innovation one step further.

From improving maintenance and management and eliminating failures and risk-factors to reducing the carbon footprint of our production and supply chain, we’re constantly working to solve our customers’ biggest challenges and support grid hardening process.


Green inside and out

Following a business strategy consistent with the UN’s SDGs, we’re helping the outside world achieve a green future. And now, with our ECO CABLE products, installed in homes, infrastructures and cities, we’re turning the world green from the inside too.

ECO CABLE is the first green label in the cable industry and vouches for the greenness of our cables.

Focus on

Asset Monitoring Systems

In Power Distribution grids, each time fraction of non-distributed power represents a financial loss factor.

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A totally eco-friendly cable with fully-recyclable component parts. The streamlined production process offers customers fast delivery and increased carbon efficiency in a form that’s fully compatible with their existing networks.

Focus on

Smart Grids

Cutting-edge, high quality cables and grid components not only enhance grid reliability and efficiency, but they can prevent blackouts and reduce overall maintenance costs.

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A groundbreaking solution that provides better mechanical protection than traditional metal-armoured cables at a lower cost, whilst maintaining the functional advantages of unarmoured cables.



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