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Inter-array Cables Systems


Beyond Cables

With a growing drive towards the use of green and renewable energy, wind farm developers are continuously looking for innovative and reliable solutions to lower costs and enhance productivity. And we’re delivering just this.We offer the full range of inter-array cables and with a comprehensive portfolio of supply and installation services. We undertake fully project managed turnkey projects with a complete EPCI approach, offering our customers an unparalleled service with the benefits of efficient and cost optimised solutions.

Innovation in Inter-Array Cables

Inter array cables – or the subsea cables linkingone offshore wind turbine or another – need to be particularly robust to keep them from being damaged by external factors. And offshore windfarms are increasingly growing in size, and moving to deeper water and farther from shore. Prysmian’s Research & Development labs have pushed the industry forward by developing a higher-voltage and 66 kV cable system that allows developers to reduce capital expenditure by up to 15% compared to lower-voltage systems. They are more sustainable than previous inter-array cables because they allow customers to reduce the number of turbines - associated array cables and installation costs. Our 66 kV inter-array cables are approved by the Carbon Trust Offshore Wind Accelerator Programme.

We lead the way in technological development, being the first to market with 66 kV inter-array cable systems under a Carbon Trust program in UKmeeting the requirements of offshore wind park developers and enabling reductions of up to 15% in capital expenditure for their projects. In other fields, our systems specifically designed and constructed for use with non-anchored wind turbines in deeper waters, using our rigorously tested dynamic cables, which have an enhanced ability to withstand mechanical fatigue over the entire expected life of a system, are changing the game for wind farm development. In short, we provide the means to ensure the future sustainable and reliable supply of renewable energy to consumers today.

Prysmian Advantage

Prysmian provides turnkey inter-array cable systems, delivering projects with a comprehensive EPCI approach. We offer complete cable system solutions and services for our Clients projects, considering innovative approaches, utilising our extensive engineering resources, manufacturing facilities, and wide range of installation vessels and burial equipment, under our own dedicated project management, to provide cost and technically efficient cable connections within the offshore wind parks.


Lean engineering for greater
cost efficiency

We’re hard at work investing, developing and mastering leaner engineering processes, considering innovative products, tools and methodologies to meet all our customers’ needs. Independent studies have shown that inter-array cables operating at higher voltage levels, such as our 66 kV inter-array cable systems, offer considerable advantages, particularly an increased cost effectiveness reducing the capital expenditure significantly for such wind farms in comparison to the currently more widely applied 33 kV systems.


  • Two times more power can be transported over a single array cable at this higher voltage level, thus reducing the length of cable required, and consequently the cable and installation costs.
  • Because fewer cables are entering the offshore substation in question, the number of J-tubes, transformers and switches, as well as the space these items require can be reduced.
  • More unit power is provided to reduce the number of turbines and associated array cables.
  • Our 66 kV inter-array cable systems are approved by the Carbon Trust Offshore Wind Accelerator Programme.