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Fixed Monitoring Solution


For data-driven power

To face the growing challenges related to the complexity, reliability, safety and continuity of supply of electrical systems, our customers are becoming more and more data-driven, requiring the support of an extended, powerful and actual database.

Today we are the first and only operator in the cable industry capable of providing such an extended database and the most powerful diagnostics tools to enable preserve the value of electrical assets, be them single cable systems or entire power grids. Our mission is to gather data and to classify them in a way that they can be analysed by automated diagnostics systems, thus transitioning to the new role of cable system integrator and data provider.

The PRY-CAM Answer



PRY-CAM is a breakthrough technology that allows online, accurate and reliable measurements of key parameters, diagnosis and defect localization from remote. The data that we can gather are manifold: conditions of use, malfunctioning, overheating. All in real time and with no specific expertise.

PRY-CAM can help increase uptime and safety of electrical systems, enhance assets longevity and significantly reduce maintenance costs and risks by harnessing the extraordinary possibilities of data gathering and the Internet of Things. It is faster, more data driven and more effective than ever before, solving problems today and delivering learning for tomorrow.

PRY-CAM System

PRY-CAM SYSTEM integrated combined monitoring solutions consist of one or more PRY-CAM products that enable the continuous monitoring -  either permanent or temporary – of key parameters from remote.

Every PRY-CAM product is conceived based on four main pillars:

  • Identification of parameter to measure and development
    of the suitable device
  • Data acquisition and transmission
  • Cloud platform storage
  • Machine learning

PRY-CAM SYSTEM is based on a fixed, reliable, experienced and highly advanced platform architecture. Each PRY-CAM SYSTEM monitoring solution has the flexibility to adapt to the customer’s SCADA protocols and can be configured based on the customer’s specific requirements in terms of parameters to be monitored to fulfil their specific maintenance and asset management strategies as well as in terms of visual graphic interface.




  • Suitable for any electrical equipment from 3 kV to 600 kV
  • Suitable for AC and DC
  • Suitable for cable systems, transformers, switchgear and electrical machines

Focus on


Thanks to a whole private cloud-based system built around our technologies, today we have a database that hosts more than five million measurements that had never been classified and stored before, allowing effective maintenance strategies for electrical assets and learning for continuous improvement.
The PRY-CAM Cloud is the ideal way to effectively manage your data. Measurements, collected via PRY-CAM devices, can be safely stored and protected on the PRY-CAM Cloud and used for advanced post-processing and data trending.

Key Features




    The private Cloud platform hosts all measured parameters that are analysed based on the most advanced protocols. For Partial Discharge (PD) automatic diagnosis, PRY-CAM uses a proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm: PRY-CAM BRAIN™.

    The analytics function also generates real-time alarms whenever a critical condition or a malfunctioning occurs.

    You can also have virtual access to Prysmian PRY-CAM experts for remote advanced diagnosis.

Prevention is better than cure

PRY-CAM monitoring systems for cost-effective and highly reliable power grids in industrial applications