R&D Centres

R&D Centres

Research & Development (R&D) Centres

R&D and an inventive mindset lie at the heart of our strategy to provide customers with technologically innovative, safe and sustainable solutions, at increasingly competitive costs.

R&D capabilities

The Group is equipped with exceptional R&D capabilities:

  • 25 R&D Centres of Excellence
  • Advanced proprietary technologies
  • 900 skilled professionals
  • 5,600 patents granted or filed
  • Relationships with major universities and research centres worldwide

When it comes to R&D, we’re committed to being the industry leader.

Research, Development and Quality

Discover our R&D teams all over the world: in these years they have created numerous innovative products and processes, which not only represent technological advances but also have a lower environmental impact than the solutions they replaced.

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Prysmian also has a number of established relationships with major universities and research centres in various countries around the world: China, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Brazil, Finland, the UK, the United States, Spain and Italy.

Just some of these respected institutions include:

  • Politecnico di Milano (MIP), Italy
  • Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, Italy
  • Università degli Studi di Padova, Italy
  • Università degli Studi di Genova, Italy
  • Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
  • University of South Carolina, USA
  • Centro di Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento em Telecomunicacoes (CPqD), Brazil
  • University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil
  • Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain
  • Shanghai TICW, China

Partnership in action

Prysmian and General Cable combined have established consolidated collaborative relations with over 50 major universities and research centers around the world. These collaborations, strategic for the Prysmian Group, support cutting-edge technological research and allow the adoption of state-of-the-art innovations in all areas relevant to the wire and cable industry. 

The R&D mission

Focus on quality and know-how to identify innovative and efficient solutions and technologies in order to create new products and services that differentiate us from our competitors. Reduce production costs for both existing and new products, to lower environmental impact, and to add value for customers.


The R&D mission