Andre Rebelo

Process Engineer Nuremberg


Meet André: a guy with a friendly smile you can always count on to give you a hand. André started his path inside Prysmian Group in 2015 in Brazil and now, after some changes throughout the years, is working in our German factory located in the beautiful historical city of Nürnberg.

During his studies in São Paulo, Brazil, he knew already he wanted to always give his best to achieve the extraordinary. Right after his graduation he granted himself a first row seat to the Prysmian Graduate Program. André experienced firsthand what it’s like to work for the world leader in the cable industry. He shifted sideways and learned the ins and outs of various departments and saw it all: from the arrival of a new customer inquiry to the final quality inspection of an order, now ready to be shipped.

From Brazil to the Netherlands, from the Netherlands to Germany.

A new culture, a new business, a new way of working. Always in a multicultural and multinational environment André has been exposed to different sides of the cable industry. On his first year in Brazil, when working in Telecom Solutions, he experienced cutting edge technology while deep diving in the world of optical fiber cables. Later in the Netherlands, during his international assignment, it was time to get on board the High Voltage market – where the tiniest imperfection may trigger severe consequences, and therefore requires strict rules involving serious responsibility. Currently, on his latest endeavor André joined forces with the Multimedia Solutions business unit in Germany where flexibility, agility and tailor-made solutions are key words.

André is part of the Process Technology team and, no matter where, he is always actively participating in several projects covering innovation and renovation, with a large range of stakeholders where no day is like the other. Working in a place where we're daily challenged to create and recreate, to make mistakes and learn from them. This is what drives André´s motivation. It’s a rollercoaster, and he loves it.


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