What Build the Future is?

Build the future is the Prysmian Group Graduate Program that provides an immersive experience in our company from day 1.

The program starts with a two-week Global Induction in our HQ in Milan with trainings and activities led by the Prysmian Group Academy in collaboration with a Top-Ranking Business School.  During the first weeks of your journey, you also start our mentorship program.

Following your induction, you will be part of a 1 year job rotation in 3 different departments: Research and Development, Operations in one of our production sites, and Commercial. After the first year of rotation, you will start your international assignment for a duration ranging from 2 to 3 years.
The international assignment is a great experience to learn new ways of working, acquiring new knowledge, meeting new colleagues and embracing a new culture. At the end of your assignment abroad, you will be ready to take a new responsibility in the technical or business areas continuing your career in Prysmian Group.

Prysmian Group | Graduate Program 2020

Who are you?

  • You are keen on joining a career in our industry and you are ready to embrace a new challenge.
  • You have graduated in the last 18 months or you are completing a degree in the Engineering, Technical or Business and Economics fields.
  • You will work with colleagues globally. Being fluent in English is key.
  • You have worked or studied abroad and you are willing to join another international experience with Prysmian Group.
  • We have global teams and we are present in 50+ countries. Having excellent communication and presentation skills is key.
  • You’d love working and learning from other people.

Are you ready to build the future?

Our exciting Graduate Program

Yes, it does. You will be hired with a permanent contract with a competitive salary.

After your local onboarding, you will join a two week induction in our HQ in Milan. You will have a great overview of our business, our products, visit one production site and you will attend the trainings organized by the Prysmian Group Academy in collaboration with a Top Ranking Business School. The 2 weeks of induction are a great chance to networking and you will also meet our CEO and our business leaders. You will receive a great overview of the company and our products and technology. During the program, you will return to Milan and participate in different business games and trainings with our senior managers.

You will be given the opportunity to do a "warm up" period of 3 months starting to get familiar with the role of your international job assignment. This will help to prepare you for the next 2/3 years of assignment.

Having spent a year getting to know the business on a local level and enjoying the 3 month "warm up" period for your new international role, you will get the chance to expand your work and cultural experience overseas. You will be embarking on a 2/3 years international assignment in one of our functions. The Prysmian Group Graduate Committee undertakes the process of defining the graduates’ roles and locations. Your preferences about the locations and roles are clearly considered in accordance to the business needs.


Applications for Build the Future 2020 are now open!

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