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Prysmian Group Insight
Prysmian Group’s search for growth opportunities
is primarily focused on high added-value high-tech
businesses, such as Cables for the Extraction, Mining
and Petrochemicals, as well as Optical Fibres and
Optical Cables for broadband networks, linked to long-
term investment programmes.
often offer the
unique opportunity of attracting global class investors
to the Group’s state-of-the-art solutions. In October,
Caspian region. The exhibition is regarded as a focal
point for discussing the technical, operational and
commercial development of the region’s oil and gas
industry and is one of the most prominent events
for the energy sector. As such it is a platform for
discussing important issues affecting the industry
between local and international partners.
Later on, in December, the Group will present its
high-tech solutions in Basra, at the third edition of
the largest industry show in Iraq, which opened its
gates to 18,000 visitors from over 35 countries in
2012. Bertling Group of Germany, China Petroleum
Technology, CNPC, Emerson Process Management,
FMC Technologies, Honeywell, Mitsubishi, Mott
MacDonald, Rumalia, Samsung, Scania, Shell,
Siemens, Tenaris will exhibit in Basra along with
Prysmian Group to take advantage of the immense
business opportunities that Iraq offers.
As for the Telecom business, in November Prysmian
Marrakech, Morocco. This is an industry organisation
with a mission to accelerate FTTH adoption by all
broadband stakeholders through information and
promotion, in order to make available fibre-based,
ultra-high-speed access networks to consumers and
businesses. A sustainable future is about protecting
the environment, wider benefits to society and
citizens, the economic health of communities and
nations: FTTH has a positive impact on all three.
Prysmian to take part in major exhibitions
In the current environment of
lower demand and increasing
competition, the market trends
have to be anticipated by listening
to the clients and being capable
of reacting promptly to what they
signal. That’s why Prysmian Group
has begun to aggressively leverage
its extensive product portfolio. What
does this mean? That clients are no
more regarded as a buyer of what
they buy on regular basis, such
as products and services, but as a
potential customer that deserves
to be listened to and anticipated
in its possible need of a wider range
of diversified products and services.
Among other things, this approach
would also allow further exploitation
of the combination with Draka: not
just through synergies but through
additional leveraging on a wider basis.
Prysmian Group has already
started implementing this customer
proximity strategy as it launched
new commercial initiatives and
actions focused mainly on leveraging
on the extensive range of available
products, which are expected to
drive a significant contribution
from additional sales. In detail,
the Industrial cables business
is expected to deliver over
200 million, resulting from the
development of applications in
Specialties & OEM, Oil&Gas and
Elevator. Also the Telecom cables
business is expected to deliver
200 million in new
sales along the same line, namely in
the segments of Hybrid 4G cables,
Access networks & connectivity,
Multi Media Solutions and Optical
Ground Wires.
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