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Given the current global economic scenario, Prysmian Group is
focused on laying the strategic groundwork for its future course and
sustained profitability growth, even amid difficult markets. In this
issue, INSIGHT looks into the new strategy that Prysmian Group
has started to implement by aggressively leveraging its extensive
product portfolio and offering clients a wider range of product and
services. This approach would allow further advantage to be gained
from our combination with Draka: not only synergies but additional
leverage on a wider product and service basis.
Next INSIGHT takes a closer look at the region in which the
economy is still sluggish and a full recovery has yet to come:
Europe. Investment in renewable energy sources and bandwidth
growth should sustain the cable industry, but those segments
associated with building construction are still lagging. The
cable industry can indeed help Europe overcome the crisis.
Through Europacable it has considerably increased its presence
in Brussels, while it is continuing its efforts to make a crucial
contribution to revamping the Union’s economy and increasing
the continent’s competitiveness in the global arena. At the same
time, Prysmian Group announced important investments into its
fibre production plants all over the world.
Prysmian also opened a new plant for the production of optical
fibre cable in Slatina, Romania, which has become one of the
centres of excellence in Europe for the fibre optic cables.
Last, but not least, INSIGHT reports on a new programme
aimed at the gradual introduction of performance appraisals,
as Prysmian Group recently launched a new system, known as
Prysmian People Performance (P3).
Editorial Team - INSIGHT
Growing in difficult markets
is the quarterly review of Prysmian
Group created and published by the Corporate
& Business Communications Dept.
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