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Prysmian Group Insight
Europacable to build up its role
in Brussels
is the organisation committed to
representing the wire and cable industry in relevant
EU policy debates, of which Prysmian Group is part.
It is continuing its efforts aimed at being increasingly
involved in the European Union debates, with the
ultimate goal of giving a crucial contribution to
revamping the Union’s economy and increasing
the continent competitiveness in the global arena.
Europacable recently hosted the 2013 General Assembly
in Brussels, with some 40 senior representatives of
its member companies, creating a unique forum for
Europe´s wire and cable industry.
A series of presentations, including a Member of
Cabinet of the EU Commissioner for Industry and
provided an
overview of the current state of affairs relevant to the
industry at EU level. The Europacable Team gave an
update on the progress achieved under the leadership
of Fabio Romeo, Chairman of the Executive Board.
Two years into its re-organisation, Europacable has
increased its presence considerably in Brussels.
It is now strongly involved in the EU energy, data
and telecommunication debates, with the European
Commission, the European Parliament and key actors
such as ENTSO-E, the European representation of
electricity transmission operators. The Europacable
Environmental Team (ECOE), chaired by Annette
Schermer, is actively responding to environmental
challenges the industry is facing such as the EcoDesign
Directive and RoHS. The most pressing challenge,
however, is the ongoing financial and economic crisis
in Europe. The wire and cable industry can directly feel
Prysmian actively involved
The General Assembly re-affirmed the continuous
active involvement of Prysmian Group in
Europacable: Fabio Romeo was re-elected
Chairman of the Executive Board until 2014,
Marcello Del Brenna was re-appointed Chairman
of the Europacable Utilities Board (EPCU) until
2015 and will continue to lead the Europacable
Underground Marketing Project (UMP), while
Philippe Vanhille was appointed Chairman of the
Europacable Telecommunications Board (ETC) until
2016 taking over from Phil Edwards. With this set
up now in place, the Team is looking forward to
further strengthening Europacable in Brussels.
Fabio Romeo confirmed as Chairman
its impact. While there is certainly not a single solution
to it, one key angle will be an industrial one.
needs investments, technology leadership, jobs
and R&D to overcome the current situation. In
this respect, Europe´s wire and cable industry will
be a relevant player to help Europe overcome the
The cable industry produces the technologies
that will be crucial to secure Europe's competitiveness in
the 21st century.
Whether it is Europe's Digital Agenda or the creation
of the Single European Energy Market – these projects
will not be realised without state-of-the-art cable
technologies. Looking into the second half of the year,
Fabio Romeo and the Europacable Team will develop a
stronger positioning of Europe's wire and cable industry
to communicate this view. Under the tagline: “Try life
without us” the Team will develop a concept to highlight
the role of the industry in achieving these objectives.
Fabio Romeo, Prysmian Group Executive Vice President Energy
Business and Europacable Chairman of the Executive Board
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