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– Prysmian Group
Turkey announced that it has
completed the optimisation
project at the Mudanya factory
started in 2012.
The objectives
were to upgrade and modernise the
facility, to significantly increase the
plant capacity for the main product
categories and to add several new
product categories to the products
range, while enhancing the levels of
the service. Hans Hoegstedt, CEO of
Prysmian Group Turkey, highlighted
the importance of the investments:
“These are the biggest investments
ever completed at our Turkish
factory since its opening in 1964.
We are proud of being a pioneer
in our sector with the investments
and innovations completed to date.
These major investments once
again show our strong commitment
and belief in the Turkish economy
and the excellent workforce at our
Mudanya factory.”
Schindler Elevator Corporation,
the 2nd largest elevator
company in the world, awarded
Prysmian Group, through its
brand Draka Elevator, as “2012
Outstanding Supplier”.
Group is the only Schindler supplier
to achieve this exemplary record
and moreover it has been selected
as the recipient of this first annual
2012 Environmental Sustainability
Award for ‘Commitment to
Sustainability and the Natural
Environment’. Prysmian Group
pursues the 2012 E3 (Economy-
Energy-Environment) philosophy,
increasing energy efficiency and
sustainability thanks to a smarter
and more efficient green workforce,
imparting valuable skills training
and promoting innovation among
employees, improving profitability
of the local economy and enabling
– Last year
a milestone of 1,000,000km
in multimode fibre production
was achieved at the plant in
Eindhoven, the Brainpoint region
of The Netherlands, a hub of
high-tech companies.
The plant’s
multimode fibre sales increased
from 690,000km in 2009 up to
1,001,000km in 2012. The plant
produces multimode fibre products,
including the high-end products
known as OM3/OM4. A significant
part (35%) is used by the Prysmian
Group’s own cable plants, while the
remaining is consumed by external
customers like Brand-Rex, TE
Connectivity, Belden and Optral in
Europe or AFL Telecommunications
and Nexans BerkTek in the USA.
– C-TEC,
the producer of life-safety
equipment and systems such
as fire alarms, voice alarms
and disability products, has
chosen Prysmian’s FP Cables
for its new headquarters in
the English town.
For maximum
circuit integrity, Prysmian installed
FP PLUS and FP200 Gold cables.
Simon Hopkins, FP Product Manager
for Prysmian Group UK, said that
“FP200 Gold has excellent data and
signal transmission characteristics,
making it ideal for voice alarm
systems. FP PLUS is an enhanced
hard-skinned cable which can be
used in Category 1, 2 and 3 circuits
as defined by BS 8519, the code
of practice for the selection and
installation of fire-resistant power
and control cable systems for life
safety and fire-fighting applications.”
Both cables are easy to install and
– Prysmian Group has
been awarded a contract to
supply 300 km of eco-friendly,
special fire-safety cables for
power distribution within the
Isozaki Tower in the futuristic
new CityLife district.
The contract
confirms Prysmian's leadership
in cables for the construction
industry. "Prysmian Group has
been involved in this important
and symbolic project, a candidate
to become one of the iconic
images of Expo 2015, thanks to
its technical competence, quality,
and above all ability to provide
customised, high-performance
solutions," says Stefano Bulletti,
CEO of Prysmian Italy. The contract
involves supplying 300km of low
and medium voltage cables from the
Afumex range.
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