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Growth headwinds are blowing in
several regions of the world: a long
expected full recovery in Europe
has yet to come, while emerging
countries economies slowed,
such as China, or even halted,
such as Brazil. At a sector level,
several industries which represent
major markets for energy and
telecom cables show weakness as
well. In Europe the construction
industry crisis is worsening, while
we are witnessing an additional
contraction in energy consumption.
Uncertainties are surrounding the
renewable energy and broadband
Prysmian Group Insight
in difficult
Cost cutting,
rationalization and a
focus on high-value
added businesses are
only part of the strategy
that Prysmian Group is
implementing in order to
protect profitability.
Protecting profitability, in the long
run, means to continue to grow:
cost cuttings alone do not preserve
profitability forever.
stimulus plans in North and South
America. All this has led to a drop in
the global cable demand.
Prysmian Group has managed so far
to limit the impact of this negative
context by stepping up efforts
to contain costs and rationalize
organisational and manufacturing
structure. It also managed to
protect its market share and
profitability by focusing on high
value-added businesses and by
launching a series of commercial
initiatives aimed at increasing sales
in the most profitable segments of
the industrial and telecom cables.
Leveraging on the Group wide products portfolio
Prysmian Group new commercial
strategy is aimed at going beyond
the traditional classification of
products and services by business
units. As already done late in 2012
and in the first half of 2013 for the
nd the
businesses, the Group is setting
up new brochure and datasheets,
which display the entire spectrum of
applications for any single product
and service. That would allow
the market and its participants to
become fully aware and gain in-
depth knowledge of the solutions
that Prysmian can offer to a specific
industry segment in a market-
focused approach of its commercial
strategy. Prysmian created an
additional tool for helping its clients
in their search for the very product
or service which perfectly fits their
needs: the
ctive in
the Group website
particular tool allows clients to search
a solution by application field, even
without having specific knowledge or
competence of the structure of the
business of Prysmian.
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