Asia to lead

in Gigabit broadband


According to a report from Rethink TV, the video research arm of Rethink Technology Research, 57% of 1G/ connections installed worldwide by 2023 will be in China. “A series of massive build-outs” led by China Mobile should result in 1Gb/s access for more than 42% of all Chinese homes.

Peter White


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The report predicts that more than 50% of households will take up 1Gb/s broadband by 2023 in “advanced countries such as France, Switzerland and South Korea”.


Asia is expected to account for more than two-thirds of all global 1Gb/s household connections by 2023. China set to dominate the market for gigabit broadband services with 191 million homes, leaving the US in second place with 33.5 million households connected (11% of the total number of households). Japan will have 19.4 million and South Korea will have 9.5 million 1Gb/s homes.


“1 Gb/s broadband, coupled with fast multi-Access Point WiFi, will lead to a collapse in broadcast video, as multiple UHD class video streams will be viewed in any home which has this level of broadband, leading to massive changes in global advertising,” explains Peter White, CEO of Rethink and author of the report.”


“Gigabit broadband is about to accelerate and will grow far faster than most forecasts have so far imagined. 1 Gb/s subscribers will grow tenfold globally over the next 5 years, turning from selective high priced packages to the standard offering during that time. After a two-year period of being a high-priced luxury, 1Gb/s broadband will become commonplace and inexpensive. Laggards in percentage terms will include the United Kingdom and Germany and much of Latin America.”

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