And now, ‘SELL IT’!



A recruitment programme dedicated to prysmian sales and marketing area is being launched. 50 Talented young people will be selected  and trained.

Prysmian Group has decided to launch the first ‘Sell It’ initiative, an international recruitment programme aimed at selecting young sales and marketing professionals, with a view to providing them with a 3-year professional development path in sales and marketing through dedicated annual training steps. The selection requirements include a degree in engineering, chemistry or economics, and 3-to-5 years’ working experience in sales within the industrial manufacturing or consumer goods sectors. The programme is aimed at selecting 50 professionals for the front-end sales, technical sales, key account, customer care and trade marketing areas.

Through ‘Sell It’, the Group aims at scouting and developing the best sales and marketing talents, offering them the opportunity to make full use of their skills and expertise. The 3-year training programme will be organised at Prysmian Global Sales Academy in partnership with the most renowned business schools worldwide. It will happen in the Group’s key plants at global level, with the aim of providing all attendees with a training and development pathway that equips them with the skills essential for their career.

Access to global, cutting-edge projects
“‘Sell It’ is further proof of Prysmian’s focus on training and developing young talents,” commented Fabrizio Rutschmann, HR & Organisation SVP, Prysmian Group. “Developing human capital is key to our company’s long-term success, as well as being a part of the Group’s history and philosophy. This is the first time that we have launched a recruitment and development programme dedicated to professionals in this field, and I am certain that Prysmian’s strength and the important international projects we complete with our many partners will prove a concrete factor that ensures the interest of the candidates to whom we reach out. Our ability to grow in the markets is deeply rooted in the quality of our sales and marketing team.”
Committed to training
‘Sell It’ stands alongside ‘Make It’ and ‘Build the Future’ as the programmes included in the recruitment and training initiatives of Prysmian Group. ‘Make It’ is the top-training scheme aimed at engineers and technical staff with plant experience, designed for the scouting of the best talents in the manufacturing sector. ‘Build the future’ — in its sixth year in 2016 — is aimed at selecting new graduates and training them for junior management or specialist roles in the technical area through a 3-year programme.

Only the best equipped will win

‍WWCM 2017 - When the competition  is tough, victory belongs  to the best equipped.

The message was delivered at Prysmian WorldWide Commercial Meeting in Milan, with almost 200 attending. Lorenzo Caruso, Corporate and Business Communications Director, explained how the Group successfully differentiates from competitors.

The WWCM is the most important internal event for Prysmian’s commercial management. It involves a two-day meeting where the commercial management can listen to presentations and exchange opinions with top managers and their colleagues about the current status of the company and the global economic and social situation.

Lorenzo Caruso, Corporate and Business Communications Director, noted that the meeting gave the chance “to discuss important issues, such as transformation as an opportunity, data and energy revolution, and innovation.” Caruso pointed out: “We were asked to understand how we as a Company can differentiate ourselves from our competitors, leveraging our ability to deliver quality products, and to get to know the ‘innovative Prysmian’, able to respond to market changes, and sometimes also to anticipate them”. He said the event was also a “unique opportunity to meet with colleagues from all over the world and to feel once again proud to be part of the big Prysmian family.”

This year’s edition was even more important because it was the first event to be organised in the new headquarters building in Milan. So it was a great opportunity to share the new Prysmian home with colleagues from abroad. Almost 200 managers took part in the plenary and breakout sessions, where they had the opportunity to listen to several presentations by Group top management, reviewing results and plans as well as spotlighting the key future trends affecting our industry. Participants were also able to join 11 business breakout sessions with multiple presentations examining every business in depth.

‘Make It’ 2 successfully started

In January 2017 Prysmian launched the second edition of Make It, the career development program for manufacturing engineers with 3-7 years of experience, supported by a 7-weeks digital communication campaign, a dedicated video and a multi-subject adv distributed via social media – such as Facebook and LinkedIn. The outcome was the collection of more than 7,000 applications as it reached some 4 million people in more than 20 countries around the world.

Cristina Nedelcu, Maintenance Engineer at the new Fibre Optic Plant in Slatina, Romania, tells that  “The Make It Program offered me the chance to apply for an important position at a time when Prysmian was expanding its site in Slatina”. Usifo Olear, Process engineer at the Claremont plant in North America, recommends “Without a doubt the Make it Program to any young individual who has the potential mind-set to be part of Prysmian, one who aims to keep succeeding and exceed expectations”.