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Philippe Vanhille, Senior VP Telecom Business of Prysmian  and Chairman of Europacable Digital Team, warned that focusing on CAPEX only could mean to re-invest later.

‍Philippe Vanhille, Senior VP Telecom Business of Prysmian
‍Philippe Vanhille, Senior VP Telecom Business of Prysmian

“When considering which telecommunication networks Europe needs for the future, we have to move beyond the obsession of focusing on CAPEX only.” Philippe Vanhille, Senior VP Telecom Business of Prysmian Group and Chairman of the Europacable Digital Team, launched his warning while addressing a high-level panel debate at occasion of the 2017 FTTH Conference in Marseille, to which the Group took part as industry leader.

Speaking at the Marseille 2017 FTTH Conference, Mr Vanhille pointed out that consumer experience and operational expenditure need more attention: “The future landing point will be an extended fibre network in Europe.” he explained. “Europacable is calling to deploy the right technical solutions with high quality products. Just do it right, so that we don’t have to re-invest later.”

He noted that as the world moves towards a ubiquitous global fibre presence, innovation is key: “There are still many new solutions to develop and new channels to markets to emerge, and we are ready to contribute with our best innovative solutions.”

World-class products and solutions

Prysmian Group was in the spotlight at the Conference where it showcased its latest innovations and discussed its plans for the future, as it continues to develop and provide cutting edge products to meet the evolving needs of its customers and the telecom cable industry.

Prysmian was one of the Marseille conference’s Platinum Sponsors, as it exhibited its latest products and innovations for FTTH solutions and presented some innovative projects for which the Flextube 2112 fo cable was being used. As innovation driver of the industry, Prysmian continues to lead the way in ultra-dense cable solutions and its record-breaking cable, FlexTube®, that officially debuted to the FTTH Council at the event. With 2,112 fibres, FlexTube® has the highest fibre count for a flexible micromodule-based cable, to be installed to date. It is designed to be extremely compact, lightweight and flexible and also much faster to install, enabling service providers to easily deploy a record number of fibres in difficult or congested areas.

Successfully commissioned Philippines interconnector

The submarine power cable link to connect Negros and Panay islands in the Philippines has been successfully commissioned by Prysmian Group, concluding the first stage of the Cebu-Negros-Panay 1 (CNP-1) project, awarded by the Filipino grid-operating company NGCP. The project is part of a larger development plan provided by NGCP, aimed at strengthening the country’s power transmission network.

“Prysmian was honoured with the award of this project in December 2014 and it has been able to execute the whole works in accordance with the delivery schedule and budget, thanks to the close cooperation of NGCP,” stated Massimo Battaini, Energy Projects Senior Vice President at Prysmian Group.

The CNP-1 cable connection comprises three HVAC (High Voltage Alternating Current) 230 kV single core cables with XLPE insulation and single-wire armouring along a 22 km submarine route across the Guimaras Strait. Cables have been produced in Prysmian’s excellence centre for submarine cables in Arco Felice, near Naples, Italy.

Wind farm and platform  in the North Sea plugged-in

The interconnection between the Veja Mate offshore wind farm and the offshore grid connection system BorWin2 in the German North Sea has been successfully plugged-in by Prysmian. The project was awarded to the Group by TenneT, the Dutch-German transmission system operator.

The interconnection consists of two 155 kV High Voltage Alternate Current submarine cables along a route of 11.4 km and links the Veja Mate to the BorWin beta offshore platform. Here, conversion from alternate current generated by the wind farms into direct current takes place, in order to enable power transmission to the mainland by way of the HVDC BorWin2 submarine cable link. The Global Tech I offshore wind farm is already connected to the Borwin beta platform.

Showcasing at Middle East electricity
Prysmian showcased its state-of-the-art technologies at MEE 2017, the electrical industry’s largest show in the Middle East. The Group’s product portfolio was focused on the full range of state-of-the-art power cables including HV and EHV underground and submarine cable systems for applications such as interconnections between power grids, links between natural or artificial islands and the mainland, and connections to, or between, offshore oil production facilities.
From Kuwait to Cape Town
Prysmian is searching for new opportunities in new markets, and is taking part in local events to present cable products and solutions. Recently, the Telecom Solutions Business Unit was at the FTTH Council MENA 2016 Conference and Exhibition, held in Kuwait City, devoted to ‘The Evolution of the Digital Society’. Prysmian was one of the Gold Sponsors and exhibited its most innovative Fibre To The Home solutions, while Alessandro Pirri, Director Connectivity & FTTx, was a speaker at the session dedicated to ‘Latest Trends and Solutions for Passive Fibre Networks – How to Increase Coverage and Save Money’. The Telecom Business Unit also participated successfully in another important event in an emerging country, namely AfricaCom 2016, held in Cape Town, where it met customers, prospects and installers, explaining and presenting telecommunication solutions for the African market.