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Health and Safety for our employees

Protecting our people at work. Everywhere. All over the world.

The Group operates in a complex and challenging industry, but its attitude to safety is simple: safety always takes priority.

The commitment to ensuring health and safety at work for all employees, temporary agency workers, contractors and whoever works within the organisation lies in our Zero & Beyond philosophy.

Zero & Beyond

Is primarily a mission, based upon a vision, driven by values. It is a commitment to making our lives safer and guaranteeing safety in every single moment of everyday life, from the workplace to the community. Zero & Beyond is an approach founded on the belief that human life and health are essential and take priority over everything else. This is the reason why we firmly believe that all incidents or injuries are preventable and that leading safety improvement is everyone’s responsibility. This shared vision of our Safety Culture is supported by a number of initiatives at local level and developed in several strategies aimed at consolidating and promoting the proper attitudes and behaviour to be followed to ensure health and safety at work.

Every day, at all our plants, employees carry out operations that require strict safety procedures, defined on the basis of thorough risk assessments and compliance with specific laws and regulations.

We are firmly convinced that training and information, as well as the adoption of best practices, are key to preventing and managing risks.

We make sure that all employees are always aware of the consequences of each of their action in the health and safety area, within and outside the working environment. It is our priority to reduce injuries.

Our HSE management system

The occupational health and safety system (OH&S) according to the UNI ISO 45001:2018 standard — implemented and integrated at our plants with the ISO 14001-compliant Environmental Management System — enables us to provide safe and healthy workplaces by preventing work-related injury and illness and by eliminating and/or reducing risks (including system weaknesses), as well as by proactively improving our OH&S performance.

In compliance with the Group policy on occupational health and safety (POLICY)we aim at:

  • constantly improving performances in the occupational health and safety area;
  • complying with legal and other requirements;
  • achieving our occupational health and safety objectives.

Download our Health, Safety, Environment and Energy policy

Safety Strategy

We are constantly committed to honing and improving our corporate programmes for the continuous development of the safety culture within our organisation.

The Group’s strategy is based on four main pillars:

  • managers’ safety leadership (developed through dedicated training programmes relating to Leadership in Health & Safety – LiHS to ensure commitment in the health and safety area firstly by the top management — to set a good example — and then, through a cascade approach, by the whole organisation);
  • strengthening of the key competencies of our current HSE professionals and development of a new strategy for HR Management, to be applied to HSE;
  • the organisation and standardisation of tools and procedures;
  • behaviour- and people-based safety principles.

Our Safety Culture has the following goals:

  • improving managerial commitment and engagement;
  • improving the cross-functional skills of HSE leaders and professionals;
  • reducing cultural differences and aligning practices;
  • taking steps to ensure that everyone looks after themselves and others;
  • achieving zero accidents.

Protecting our people

Risk assessments and the implementation of prevention and protection measures allow us to safeguard the health and safety of our employees: all operations are carried out in compliance with the most up-to-date procedures and best practices in the health and safety area.

The observance of health and safety rules, procedures and practices is ensured by the control made possible by the strict corporate structure and the engagement and awareness of all operators, so as to make them feel directly responsible for their own safety and the safety of their colleagues.

People training

Each plant is committed to autonomously guaranteeing compliance with local laws and provides for training paths specific for employees, temporary agency workers and contractors, diversified according to their specific role, tasks, levels of responsibility and working environment. All people operating within the organisation must always be aware, informed, trained and educated on the risks and their tasks. Accordingly, in addition to the topics mandated by local legislation in force, our comprehensive training programmes deal with both technical and operating issues, and issues relating to behaviour-based safety.

The training of temporary agency workers is on a par with that provided to employees, since personnel operates on the same plants and with the same risks and responsibilities. By way of example, training topics include:

  • equipment safety;
  • machinery and equipment management during normal operation and under abnormal and/or emergency conditions;
  • safety in construction and maintenance works;
  • safety in contract works;
  • first aid and fire prevention;
  • proper waste management and environmental issues;
  • consequences of alcohol and drug abuse;
  • consequence thinking;
  • behaviour-based safety (BBS) programme.

All training activities are managed and recorded at local level. On an annual basis, they are reported at the central Group level.

Measurable health and safety results

With a view to harmonising and standardising processes, tools and procedures, we use an IT system allowing to record and manage the HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) events of each Prysmian’s operating unit and to share them with the Group.

Fully operational at all our plants, this tool allows to track and address accidents, non-conformities, near-misses, unsafe conditions and unsafe behaviour, as well as to monitor the corrective, preventive and improvement actions adopted and to collect information with the aim of avoiding repetition of events and sharing the best practices.

Furthermore, it allows to elaborate graphs and statistics on the main KPIs (including the Frequency Index and the Severity Index) related to health and safety aspects and monitor the results and the achievement of objectives.