Sectorflex® - type cables

Sectorflex®- type cables Smaller, lighter and more sustainable, for FPSO and offshore applications.

PRYSMIAN GROUP | SECTORFLEX®-TYPE CABLES 3 We specialise in underground and submarine cables and systems for power transmission and distribution, special cables for applications in many different industries, and medium and low voltage cables for the construction and infrastructure sectors. For the telecommunications industry, the Group is the world’s largest provider of cutting-edge cables and accessories for voice, video and data transmission, offering a comprehensive range of optical fibres, optical and copper cables and connectivity systems. We are committed to environmental responsibility in our production processes, the protection of the global environment, and the responsible management of relations with the local communities in which we work. For us, innovation means meeting the needs of our customers and communities by understanding their business drivers as quickly as they do. To do that, our team of over 900 Research & Development professionals is constantly looking to the future, predicting and identifying emerging trends in each of our industries and sectors. Acting on this intelligence from 25 R&D centres around the world, we’re constantly close to our customers in their own local markets. YEARS OF EXPERIENCE 140 R&D CENTRES AROUND THE WORLD 25 Prysmian Group is world leader in the energy and telecom cables and systems industry. With 140 years’ experience, the Group is strongly positioned in high-tech markets and offers the widest possible range of products, services, technologies and know-how. CONNECTING THE WORLD. TODAY AND IN THE FUTURE

Linking Energy Reserves The world is progressively taking on the challenges of energy transition. Oil and – mostly – gas remain a fundamental part of the energy mix required to face these challenges. To keep the world going and build a better tomorrow for people in every walk of life, communities, infrastructure, communications and transport need power. Gas is a fundamental part of the world’s energy mix and a key contributor to a sustainable energy future. At Prysmian Group, our mission is to create the most fit-for-purpose solutions for our customers in the Oil & Gas sector. We are setting the industry benchmark for reliability and quality in ways that give our customers solutions designed exactly to meet their needs and to comply with the most demanding industry standards, whilst our widespread global footprint ensures we can support themwherever they operate. Whether we are supporting customers with cable systems or downhole technology, or providing more specialised solutions for artificial lift, we approach every project as an opportunity to help customers meet their challenges. We have been a market leader in this sector for decades and have been bolstering our reputation for excellence ever since, building long-term, strong relationships with our customers. We offer an unrivalled portfolio of products and services – so customers are never held back on a project. In this industry, innovation isn’t a one-off, radical event. At Prysmian, it’s an ongoing, meaningful, incremental and full-scope process. From cable designs with enhanced features needed to operate in areas where they may be vulnerable to attack by gas leakage, oil, water or chemicals, or with enhanced fire resistance properties in response to calls for improved safety and compliance with the most stringent standards, to integrated monitoring solutions of electrical assets to ensure cable performances, we can deliver solutions that offer safe, sustainable and continuous operation for the Oil & Gas industry. From exploration to production, field service to midstream and downstream distribution, and with global onshore and offshore expertise, Prysmian’s worldwide presence means we are always there to provide the quality cable solutions you need. And our asset monitoring solutions provide integrity, efficiency and service continuity – whether for your plant, your refinery or your platform. The world needs energy to develop and grow. And that is why Prysmian is linking energy reserves to power a better future for everyone. 5 PRYSMIAN GROUP | SECTORFLEX®-TYPE CABLES

PRYSMIAN GROUP | SECTORFLEX®-TYPE CABLES 7 Sectorflex®-type cables Installation and cable handling on a platform (topside) or on a ship (FPSO) is always challenging due to issues with weight and constraints on space. This proves particularly true when it comes to cables with larger conductors. In a constant effort to provide added value to end users and operators, Sectorflex® is an innovative solution and the result of the synergies and combined capabilities of the Prysmian Group and General Cable R&D teams developed to address these challenges. Sectorflex® is a patented conductor design. LV cables using Sectorflex® conductor design have flexible conductors in sections equal to and above 50mm2 that are sector-shaped but return to a circular shape when the insulation is stripped. Sectorflex®-type cables feature improved bending radius and longer drum lengths. Among the many advantages they offer, Sectorflex®- type cables are smaller in diameter, lighter, easier to handle and install, compatible with conventional terminations and accessories, and, most of all, with the same electrical performance. They are available both with Class 2 or Class 5 DC resistance as per customer needs. WHAT IS SECTORFLEX®?

PRYSMIAN GROUP | SECTORFLEX®-TYPE CABLES 9 BENEFITS SMALLER DIAMETER Regardless of the cable configuration and the conductors’ cross-section, the resulting average diameter reduction for Sectorflex®-type cables vs round-shaped conductors is by 10%. LIGHTER WEIGHT The Sectorflex®-type cables outer diameter reduction also implies an average reduction in weight. Regardless of the cable configuration and the conductors’ cross-section, the resulting averageweight reduction for Sectorflex®-type cables vs round-shaped conductor-type is by more than 10%. IMPROVED BENDING RADIUS, EASIER HANDLING AND INSTALLATION The difficulties resulting fromlimited space available for cable installation inoffshore environments are amatter of fact and a huge challenge in the industry. Sectorflex®-type cables reduceddiameter andweight prove key to improve installation efficiency andquality. Cables take up less space in the trays, they pass through tubes andpipes more easily, withstand a narrower bending radius (down to4x diameter) and require lower pulling strength. In addition, the larger surrounding space resulting fromthe installationof cableswith a reducedouter diameter enables amore effective dissipationof theheat generatedby the losses in the cable, thus improving its operating conditions, too. Sectorflex®-type cables alsoprovide easier handlingduring installation comparedwith the conventional circular conductor flexible cables. Comparison testswere carriedout between Sectorflex®-type cables and cableswith round-shaped conductors having identical cross-sections (4x120mm2) andusing identical materialswith identical insulation andouter sheath,measured the force required tobend the cables andassessed the cables’ spring-back effect when the forcewas released. Data obtained, showa substantial improvement in the Sectorflex®-type cablehandling, especially in terms of forceneeded tobend it, reducedby 39%. Similarly, the spring-back effect shows a reductionbymore than8%. Both factors contribute to a highly considerable improvement in the conditions under which the cable is used, as far as installation, laying and working life are concerned. CABLEWITHROUND-SHAPE CONDUCTORS SECTORFLEX®-TYPE CABLE CABLE TYPE Force (kg) Springback effect (%) Sectorflex®-type 4x120mm2 22,8 83% Round-shaped conductor 4x120mm2 37,6 76% -10% N A [650mm] T=21°C F [141 mm]

PRYSMIAN GROUP | SECTORFLEX®-TYPE CABLES 11 LONGER DRUM LENGTHS The reducedouter diameter andweight of Sectorflex®-type cables results into manufacturing longer drumlay lengths and, in turn, reduces thenumber of joints and terminations versus cableswith conventional round-shaped conductors. It alsodecreases thenumber of shippingdrums tobe used. The smaller and lighter the cable, the longer the length that canbe coiledon a drum. All of these features lead to a significant reduction in shipping and installation costs. USE OF CONVENTIONAL TERMINATIONS AND ACCESSORIES Sectorflex®-type cables are compatiblewith conventional terminations and accessories and donot requirenon-standardised tools. When stripped, the insulated sector-shaped cores naturally return to a round shaped configuration and allowthe use of exactly the same lugs as round-shaped conductors. CABLEWITHROUND-SHAPE CONDUCTORS SECTORFLEX®-TYPE CABLE Photo sequence shows the termination process of a Sectorflex®-type cablewith the same tools used to terminate a round-shaped conductor cable. SAME CROSS-SECTION, SAME ELECTRICAL PERFORMANCE The electrical performances of Sectorflex®- type cables are identical to those using round-shaped conductors. MORE SUSTAINABLE Reduced cable outer diameter andweight in associationwith longermanufacturing lengths and a reducednumber of shippingdrumsmake Sectorflex®-type cablesmore sustainable as they use fewer resources, both in terms of rawmaterials andproductionprocess, thus contributing towards a lower CO2 footprint both for themanufacturer and for the user, and improving the environment and society ingeneral. Follow us PRYSMIAN GROUP Via Chiese, 6 – 20126 Milano / Italy T +39 02 64491 [email protected]