FTTH Council fights
fake fibre advertising


Misleading fibre advertising may undermine the EU and FTTH Council objectives of incentivising Very High Capacity Network investments and empowering consumers.

Erzsébet Fitori


24% of respondents to a UK survey think they already have fibre cables running all the way to their home, in spite of the fact that this was only available to 5% of UK properties.


- Survey conducted by Censuswide for CityFibre on a sample of 3422 home broadband users in July 2018

In Sweden, the degree of end-user satisfaction with FTTH is substantially higher than recorded for other Internet access technologies. 94% of non-FTTH users would consider subscribing if FTTH were available in their area.


- The socio-economic impact of FTTH, study by WIK-Consult for the FTTH Council Europe, February 2018

A study commissioned by the FTTH Council found that “such large differences between what is being promised and what is being delivered could actively suppress the demand for fibre as copper-based access may be wrongly perceived to provide similar services”.


- Regulatory policy and the roll-out of fibre-to-the-home networks, report by DotEcon for the FTTH Council Europe, July 2012

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