Legislators pay a visit to Europe’s largest optical fibre plant

Global scenario


A cross-party group of MEPs paid a visit to the Group’s factory in Douvrin, France, the largest and most modern site for the production of optical fibre in Europe. The European Commission will soon define its approach to telecoms in order to determine whether Europe develops a high-performing network and attains the Gigabit Society to which it aspires.

Converging statements
During the visit, participating MEPs contributed to a policy debate, raising issues of ICT investment, the forecasted expansion in demand for data, and the connections between optical fibre and 5G. Austrian MEP Paul Rübig, Chair of the European Parliament’s Science and Technology Options Assessment Panel, described Prysmian’s presentation of optical fibre technology as ‘impressive’; MEP Dominique Riquet, President of the Long Term Investment and Reindustrialisation Intergroup, defined a shift to optical fibre as ‘essential’, while Italian MEP Flavio Zanonato drew attention to the challengingly high level of investment required.
The recently launched new P-Laser 525 kV cable system for HVDC underground and submarine applications – a world first in the cable industry – offers unique environmental performance with lower CO2 emissions and higher electrical performances, enabling up to a 10% cost reduction in power transmission.

Showcasing TLC solutions in the UK
Prysmian UK organised innovation seminars to introduce the Group’s new technical solutions to its many key telecom customers, including the largest telecom companies in the UK. These London and Dublin events provided the ideal platform to present and discuss technical and insightful product information. Alain Bertaina, Director of Telecom Fibre, and Alessandro Pirri, Director of Connectivity and FTTX among the others, showcased cable, connectivity and installation innovations – largely developed through customer feedback and market knowledge.

Most enthusiastically received was our NEWT (Nano Extended Wavelength Technology) Optical Cable Overblow Solution, a process that enables high fibre capacity mini cables to be blown into already existing and occupied underground sub-ducts that may have previously been considered full.

The solution allows extra capacity to be added to a network without the need to undertake civil work. Product displays showing RetractaNetXS and VertiCasaXS installations were used to demonstrate Fibre To The Home (FTTH) solutions, whilst samples of the Group’s new range of optical cable joints – including Large Multi-function Joints (LMJ) – were handled by delegates to enable them to appreciate their full range of features, advantages and benefits.
Europacable: Ready to connect Europe
“With Europe’s future being ever-more energised, digitalised and connected, wire and cables will be essential for the wellbeing and competitiveness of our society.” With these words, President Valerio Battista began his address to the 2016 Europacable General Assembly in Brussels. He confirmed that Europe’s leading wire and cable manufactures are ready to “connect Europe” – through Europacable the industry will continue to contribute towards any key EU cases relevant to the creation of Europe’s Energy Union and Digital Single Market. The new Europacable structure comprises five core teams: Energy, led by Raul Gil, Prysmian PowerLink Chief Operating Officer, Digital, led by Philippe Vanhille, Senior Vice President of Prysmian Group’s Telecom Business, Industry, led by Christopher Guérin, HSE, led by Antonio Traversi, Prysmian Group’s HSE Director, Communication, led by Yann Gontier.