Supplying vital components to US air carrier JFK

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Seacoast Electric has chosen Prysmian Group to supply the Electro Magnetic Aircraft Launching System (EMALS) to be installed in the new aircraft carrier, USS JOHN F KENNEDY. EMALS is a vital component of the ship’s offensive and defensive power capabilities, and the Group is partnering with Seacoast Electric to supply the shipbuilders.

The ship’s additional electrical capacity, which will be achieved with an MV 15kV cable, is needed to support the EMALS system, as well as other advanced technology. All fixed-wing aircraft need assistance in achieving the required speed for takeoff from the aircraft carrier’s deck. Previously, the catapults used were powered by steam. The EMALS system uses linear induction motors to more accurately control aircraft acceleration off the deck.

Prysmian Group will also supply fibre optic cables compliant with military specifications known as MIL-PRF-85045. These cables are fully sealed to prevent water from migrating through the cable and into other parts of a vessel. These fibre optic products will use radiation-hardened optical fibre and have cross-linked polyolefin jackets for increased durability.

Prysmian supports ultra-high speed network in Singapore

Prysmian has been chosen to support the development of the nationwidebroadband network in Singapore as the Group has been awarded a new contract from NetLink Trust (NTL) worth around S$15 million for the supply of optical fibre cables to NLT. “This important award cements our leading position as a valued partner for the telecom sector in the region”, said Toni Bosch, Vice President Telecom Solutions at Prysmian Group. The contract from NLT consists of up to 10,000km of optical fibre cables to be installed in Singapore for the period of 2016~2018, which includes underground duct, flame retardant types utilizing G652D fibres.

Separate contract awarded by Singtel

Prysmian Group has also been awarded a new contract from leading communications group Singtel worth around S$22 million for the supply of optical fibre cables (Underground duct, flame retardant and ribbon types utilizing G652D and G657 fibres). Most of the broadband network in Singapore supports connection speeds up to 100Mbps, and Singtel understood the importance of installing a comprehensive optical network with reliable technology as the foundation for its telecommunications infrastructure. This will allow connections to perform 100 times faster than the speeds the country currently experiences and, with the use of optical fibre, a higher broadband speed will be delivered more efficiently and at a lower cost.

Project secured for submarine links in the Venetian Lagoon

Terna Rete Italia has chosen Prysmian Group to provide submarine power cable links in the Venetian Lagoon. The contract, awarded by the powertransmission grid operator in Italy, is worth approximately €34 million, with the option for a second cable link with a value of approximately €25 million. The project is crucial for strengthening the high voltage power transmission grid in the Venice area and includes 14km and 6km-long High Voltage Alternate Current (HVAC) 132kV cable links. The cables will be produced in the Arco Felice plant (pictured), near Naples. Commissioning is scheduled for 2017. Prysmian Group had previously terminated the former high voltage submarine cable project linking Venice with the towns of Murano and Mestre.

Two new orders from Terna Rete Italia

Prysmian Group secures new high-voltage connections in Italy.

Prysmian has been awarded two new contracts by Terna Rete Italia, a Terna Group company that deals with the operation, maintenance and development of the Italian national power transmission network in a way that is respectful of the environment and local communities. Prysmian was allocated the highest-value lot in the tender, launched to award a framework contract for the supply of 150kV cables over a two-year period and with an option to renew for a third year. This has reinforced the Group’s position both as a market leader and as a key supplier of Terna.

The Group will also implement the Palo del Colle project in the Puglia region, a turn-key project, that includes the provision of a new 150kV buried cable connection from the Palo del Colle Power Station to the Bari Power Station, known as ‘Bari Termica’. The work is necessary to meet the increasing demand for domestic and industrial electricity in the province of Bari. The power line will consist of a set of three XLPE insulated single-core cables, a total of 35km of cable, produced at the Pignataro Maggiore plant (Caserta), for a value of around €7 million. Delivery of the commissioned system for the Palo del Colle project is scheduled for Q1 2017.