The launch of Prysmian Group’s new recruitment programme is aimed at engineers and technical staff with manufacturing experience, and is geared towards covering key roles in the manufacturing area in one of the company’s many centres of excellence located around the world. The programme is seeking process, maintenance, design and quality engineers, as well as other technical specialists. The required attributes include a degree in engineering, or equivalent, and three to five years’ work experience obtained in similar positions in a previous professional context, a good command of English, and leadership qualities.

The Group aims to identify and develop the manufacturing sector’s best talents, offering them the opportunity to make full use of their skills and expertise. Through a four-year professional pathway, ‘Make it’ offers a top training scheme involving the Prysmian Group Academy, which will focus on further developing the skills that are essential for the career of the selected candidates. The programme will include two weeks training in the Milan headquarters and two weeks in the new Manufacturing Academy in Mudanya, Turkey, a specialist centre inaugurated in January 2016.

Enjoying working for a common goal

Joining Prysmian as a young professional and become the youngest female plant manager at the Group. That is the story of Echo Shen, who spent more than 20 years in telecom cable manufacturing with the company, became a purchasing manager in 2011, and in 2012 moved to Suzhou Draka. In July 2015 she went back as plant director to Prysmian Wuxi, near Shanghai in Eastern China. INSIGHT asked Echo what recommendation would she give young female professionals at the Group? “First of all”, Echo says, “I would recommend Prysmian, because it is the world’s largest cable manufacturing company, and initiating a career here can be a great and unique starting point for your future professional life”. According to Echo, Prysmian Group “is a really great platform for a young professionals to learn what they want and to grow professionally, no matter if you are male or female”. Which part of her new job does she enjoy most and why? “The team working”, Echo answers: “I strongly believe in the importance of building a strong and reliable relationship with your team and colleagues, in order to solve problems and to achieve together common results and goals”.

“Our future lies with their growth. ‘Make it’ follows Build the Future, the placement programme aimed at young new graduates. This demonstrates just how strongly Prysmian believes in the value of human capital and the importance of investing in young people”.

Fabrizio Rutschmann
Prysmian Group’s Director of Human Resources and Organisation