Training meets production in Turkey

Global scenario

Training meets production in Turkey

Prysmian has chosen Turkey to establish its new Manufacturing Academy, thanks to a long-established production presence in the country.

The Academy, based in Mudanya, will gather and train the most talented people in manufacturing in order to enhance the Group’s manufacturing knowledge, while creating a strong community of experts.

CEO Valerio Battista believes that the Academy, “will give our people the opportunity to learn the best practices, and as such, we want current and future leaders of our factories to be trained here”.

The Academy, as home to one of Prysmian’s largest global production facilities and a centre of excellence and expertise, offers an unparalleled insight into the world of manufacturing. The aim of the project is to strengthen the technical, leadership and manufacturing skills of the Group’s people. A positive effect on all product ranges is expected.

Sharing and enhancing knowledge

The Manufacturing Academy portfolio will offer three different programmes to Prysmian employees, based on the roles and seniority of participants: Manufacturing Fundamentals, Advanced Manufacturing and Excellence in Manufacturing.

Lecturers, comprising experts from both Prysmian Group globally and Prysmian Group Turkey, will share their specialised insight and experience on different topics. Participants will learn about KPIs; processes, materials and controls; blue-collar management; continuous improvement, tools and methods; best practices and efficiencies; maintenance and machinery; cost management, and interfunctional knowledge.

“The Manufacturing Academy holds very high value for the Group and its employees. This is a space where global and local experts can meet and exchange know-how and experience, a real centre of excellence in manufacturing that can enhance knowledge sharing and reinforce best technical practices.”

Fabrizio Rutschmann
HR and Organization Senior Vice President.
“We’re proud to see our Mudanya plant become the Group’s Centre of Excellence and Expertise in Manufacturing, and we wish to thank the local and global operations experts involved.”

Halil Kongur
Mudanya Plant Director and Chairman of Prysmian Group Turkey.