Innovation and materials knowledge is the key to success

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Innovation and materials knowledge is the key to success

Prysmian Group has always been at the forefront of innovative technological solutions. INSIGHT talked with Marcelo Andrade, Prysmian Group Research and Development Director, to find out what’s next for his department.

“Prysmian Group is highly focused on innovation, especially concerning power transmission and HV interconnections. We’re targeting the further increase of DC voltage levels in the range of 600-800 kV, as well as the increase of Ampacity, (the maximum amount a conductor can carry) with the aim of enhancing overall power for customers, at reduced costs”.

“Another important market in which the Group is innovating is Submarine. We’re developing new materials and technologies such as composite materials, special jointing technologies, lead replacement (conductive jackets) and optimised thermoplastic layers (low thermal resistance). We hope these will be game-changers for the MV and EHV industry”. “Materials knowledge is fundamental to the development of high-performance compounds. For example, the new highperformance materials studied within nanotechnologies are showing promise for development and application in the cable industry”.

“The potential is huge, and Prysmian Group is determined to stay ahead in all associated fields. Electrical, thermal and mechanical development offers exciting scenarios for the creation of new products in all sectors of the cable business, including Industrial, Specialist and High Voltage”.