Doing business


A major project for a submarine power cable link secured by Prysmian, and the key to a sustainable European energy landscape.

In securing a contract worth around €250 million for a High Voltage Direct Current submarine interconnector that will link Denmark and the Netherlands, Prysmian Group is both doing valuable commercial work and helping to enable the integration of renewable energy grids across Europe. The project was awarded by TenneT TSO B.V. and SOV, the operators of the Dutch and of the Danish power transmission grids, respectively. The COBRA (COpenhagen BRussels Amsterdam) cable will enhance the electricity grids of both countries, as it will make Dutch power capacity structurally available to Denmark and vice versa, increasing the security of supply and enabling the further integration of renewable energy into the electricity grids. The COBRAcable interconnector will therefore contribute to the realisation of a sustainable international energy landscape, a key aim of the European Union, which is supporting the project through the EEPR (European Energy Programme for Recovery). The connection will be constructed using High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) technology, which minimises transmission losses over the long distances involved.

The commitment to smarter and greener grids.

Massimo Battaini, Senior Vice President Energy Projects at Prysmian, pointed out that the project was also an acknowledgement of Prysmian’s commitment to the development of smarter and greener power grids. The contract involves the turnkey supply and installation of an HVDC bipole - using single core cables with extruded insulation technology - that will operate at a voltage level of ±320 kV with a rating of approximately 700 MW, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of all households in the cities of Rotterdam and Amsterdam combined. It will run along a total route of around 325 kilometres, from Eemshaven (NL) to Endrup (DK) via the German sector of the North Sea, and will include two onshore lengths of 1 km on the Dutch side and 25 km on the Danish side, to link to the onshore converter stations, which are to be provided under separate contract by Siemens.

HV cables for a Siberian Natural Gas plant

Yamgaz, the consortium in charge of designing and building the Yamal Liquefied Natural Gas plant dedicated to the development of the natural gas resources in North West Siberia, has chosen Prysmian for the supply of High Voltage cables. The plant is located in the Yamal peninsula and should allow Russia to double its exports of liquid natural gas. The Group will supply approximately 28 km of 110 kV cable produced in the Pignataro Maggiore plant near Caserta, Italy. The proposed cable solution has been designed to be installed in air, laying on flat racks (a typical installation solution in O&G plants, but not for HV links) and at polar-cold temperatures below -20 °C. After several internal tests, the cable underwent also additional test protocols at the STRI laboratories in Ludvika, Sweden, including a successfully completed “-50 °C impulse test”.

Extra power for the city of Manama

Thanks to a contract secured in Bahrain for the supply of underground cables.

Prysmian Group has been awarded a new major order worth around €50 million for an underground high voltage cable line in Bahrain that will strengthen the power supply to the city of Manama. In total, there are approximately 65 km of Extra High Voltage underground cables to be installed inside the city. The contract refers to one circuit of the “4665/2013/3100 – 400 kV” project by EWA, the Electricity & Water Authority of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and comprises turnkey project, engineering, production, civil works and installation of one circuit of the HV underground cable transmission line. It will link the substation S/S HIDD, S/S Umm Al Hassam and Riffa S/S. The total 65 km of 400 kV XLPE insulated cables will be produced in Gron, France, one of the Group’s excellence centres for Extra High Voltage cables.As optional services, Prysmian has also offered PRY-CAM, the integrated portable and wireless instrument for the automatic acquisition, processing and classification of pulse signals generated by PD phenomena, occurring in insulating materials of medium and high voltage electrical systems and components.

LV and MV cables supplied for Armani’s space

Prysmian cables have made an appearance in the fashion business, as the Group signed an agreement with Società Elettromeccanica Galli-Gruppo Eiffage to supply cables to be used in the Armani/Silos exhibition space. Prysmian will supply medium-voltage power cables with very low emissions of smoke and dangerous gases intended for use in electrical systems, which require the highest safety standards in the event of a fire, and Afumex cables, which are appropriate for fixed installation on masonry, as well as interior and exterior metal structures. Inaugurated by the Italian fashion icon in Milan in 2015, the Armani/Silos exhibition is a dynamic, immersive space that illustrates the career of celebrated designer Giorgio Armani.