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The first part of 2018 saw the beginning of the integration of Prysmian Group with General Cable which will result in a wider market reach and increased generated value. Growing ever-larger strengthens the Group’s global leadership in the cable and systems industry, but it also carries bigger responsibilities.

That is why in this issue of Insight we FOCUS ON what we believe to be our first and most important responsibility, especially when looking to the future: growing sustainably. This is the only way to continue delivering value to all our stakeholders as well as to those communities that benefit from the flow of energy and information we provide them through our state-of-the-art cables and systems all around the world. Prysmian Group is continuously strengthening its commitment to sustainability. In the following pages we report the results achieved in this crucial field, according to the 2017 Sustainability Report.

Focusing more on the long term also means developing and bringing to the market what we call ‘future-proof’ technologies; solutions that can sustain growing demand over time without the need for continuous capital spending to catch up with market requests. This is the case of fibre optic networks – a field in which Prysmian is proud to be exceling in – which are key for upcoming 5G technology. As we report in GLOBAL SCENARIO, there is no IoT, smart device proliferation, cloud computing or self-driving cars without 5G. And there is no 5G without fibre.

Meanwhile we continue DOING BUSINESS, with magnified competitiveness in the Offshore Cables & Systems business which has secured wind projects worth over €650 million in 2017-2018, as well as GETTING THINGS DONE. In these two magazine sections we inform our readers of the latest important global contracts awarded to the Group, from the North Sea to Italy, from the Philippines to Argentina, while reporting Prysmian’s launch of a new ‘Corporate Hangar’ with the purpose of reinforcing our ability to create strategic innovation in a structured way. In TRACKING THE FUTURE, we study the progress made along the new ‘Silk Road’, and look at how Prysmian is opening its gateway to China by means of excellence and innovation.

In QUARTERLY OVERVIEW we report that the Group posted good organic revenue growth in the first half of the year, with a solid Telecom uptrend confirmed and growth in High Voltage Underground and Trade & Installers. Integration with General Cable began in record time, with first synergies from procurement and reorganisation yielded.