Prysmian is hiring
talents worldwide


Embrace the blue.

Join the leader in energy and telecoms transformation.

Prysmian is hiring talents worldwide

Prysmian Group is looking for 100 talented people from around the world eager to join the leader in the energy and telecom cables and systems industry.

The new editions of our recruiting programs: Make It, targeted at engineers; and Sell It, designed to recruit into the sales area, offer 50 engineers and just as many sales professionals a full-immersion journey in the Group’s multicultural environment and high technological and innovative know-how thanks to a vibrant mix of training and work experiences.

“In 2017, through the Build the future, Make It and Sell It programs, we recruited 150 talented people out of 60,000 applications from around the world” commented Fabrizio Rutschmann, Chief Human Resources Officer of Prysmian Group.

Selected talents appreciated the international development schemes and quality of the training programs Prysmian’s recruitments programs offered them. “Once enrolled in Make It, I could see that Prysmian was dedicated to my personal and professional development” says Cristina Elena Baisan, a Prysmian Production Supervisor leading a team of 50 people, when recalling her experience in the first edition of the Prysmian career program for manufacturing engineers. “Sell It lets those ready and willing to embrace opportunity make the most of their talent and transform it into a powerful tool for selling something they can be truly proud of” commented Izumi Kobayashi, who applied to the program in 2017 after more than two years in the Microsoft Chilean branch.

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Enhancing digital transformation through smart working

The Office 365 cloud platform has enabled Prysmian to improve the work-life balance while cutting cost and improving productivity in a sustainable fashion.

Smart working is a key project on our digital trasformational path. Stefano Brandinali, Prysmian Group Global CIO

Imagine a company where people use only mobile devices to have more immediate and faster access to the company’s tools and information resources, anywhere, any time. Where teams located all over the world can discuss projects using videoconferencing and share useful content through cloud-based communication and collaboration tools.

This is the new way of working at Prysmian, thanks to an all-round digital transformation project based on a cloud-first strategy that launched in partnership with Microsoft. The cornerstone of this innovative path is smart working, a model that took shape when the Group moved to the new Milan Bicocca headquarters, a place designed around smart-working principles.

“Smart working is a key project on our digital transformation path”, commented Stefano Brandinali, Prysmian Group Global CIO. He continued: “By adopting Microsoft tools, we can provide our users with an integrated, quality user experience. This is a gradual, but constant, revolution, with the aim of developing an ever-more mobile and virtualised working environment, and we are confident that smart working will be able to offer a competitive edge and support the Group’s growth”.

Microsoft has worked in close contact with the Group to put  into effect the shared vision of a new type of productivity, in which people are more connected and motivated through technology. The adoption of Office 365 improved efficiency while reducing costs and environmental impact.

All PC desktops have been eliminated, as all employees were given mobile devices. Thanks to cloud-based Skype for Business communication and collaboration tools, people can meet virtually, thus improving work-life balance and reducing costs. The cloud makes it faster to install software packages – which are updated automatically – and allows the use of Yammer as a business social network.

Technological innovation has always been in Prysmian’s DNA. Microsoft is the technology enabler, helping to shape a modern workplace and accelerate collaboration and lean working, while providing increased productivity, sustainability and efficiency.


Make It is a four year program targeted at engineers. Make it offers:

• a three-month local on-boarding, and a one-week induction in the Group’s new Milan headquarters;

• one weeks’ training at the Group’s Manufacturing Academy in Mudanya (Turkey);

• a mentoring program designed to support and encourage the participants’ learning, maximise their potential, develop their skills and improve their performance.

Sell It is a three year career development program for sales professionals, offering:

• a tailored local on-boarding program;

• a two week Group induction in Milan headquarters;

• tailored training at Prysmian Global Sales Academy, in partnership with the most renowned Business Schools worldwide;

• formal mentoring programs to help newcomers build relationships with role models, mentors and coaches.