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Year in review | 2016
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Key Events




Three important projects marked the year. Prysmian was awarded a €250 million worth contract for a HVDC submarine link between the Netherlands and Denmark. The COBRA cable will benefit the electricity grids in both countries by making Dutch capacity structurally available to Denmark and vice versa. In North Europe the Group will provide cables for the Rentel offshore wind project, which holds a 309 MW offshore wind concession in the Belgian North Sea. Prysmian has also been chosen for the execution of a submarine power lines project in the Venetian Lagoon.




Major achievements include the launch of the new P-Laser 600 kV cable, which allows increased power transmission capacity at a cost of up to 10% less, and the introduction of 600 HVDC kV XLPE and 700 kV PPL cables, which can boost transmission capacity by up to 15%, while the 66 kV cable allows significant savings in wind farm construction and operation costs. The new Flextube, the optical cable, with the highest density in the world with more than 2,000 fibres, represents a major innovation for broadband networks.




With Fast Forward Operations, the Group has embarked on a major project to improve the competitiveness of its industrial footprint. The new strategy focuses on a continuous quest forsduction efficiency in lower value-added sectors and on the creation of centres of excellence with high technological expertise dedicated to the higher value-added business segments. By unveiling its new cable lay vessel, named Ulisse, the Group can now rely on a fleet of three world class vessels to support submarine cable.




In 2016, the Group acquired the assets of Shen Huan Cable in China, with the aim of pursuing an independent growth strategy in this country, and the copper data cables business of Corning in Germany.

Prysmian Group also moved ahead with the integration of acquisitions made.

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